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For more than a decade, Solar Optimum continues to place the utmost importance on delivering exceptional customer service. As a customer-centric company, we understand the only way of doing business is to put the customer first. This is why we take pride in the 5-star reviews that we receive across various platforms, both online and offline. Experience for yourself what some of our customers have to say about their experiences with Solar Optimum.


Below you can hear or read some of those Solar Optimum customers and what they have to say about us. Genuine feedback from genuine customers!

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JG- From Los Angeles, CA
I see why Solar Optimum gets good reviews, because I have so many positive things to say about them, their customer service and the way they handled my solar installation. I was nervous about approaching a solar company with the very limited knowledge I had. I was scared that they were going to take advantage of that. But that was not the case. My Solar Optimum representative was great at explaining everything to me. He was patient, attentive and was able to answer all of my questions about going solar. I ended up purchasing a top tier solar system and I have no regrets. Finally, I'm able to save money on my utility bills!

RV- From Alameda County, CA
I was told to call Solar Optimum after a work friend mentioned them to me. When I met with Solar Optimum, they were able to explain to me not only why solar was a good idea but could show me the cost savings I could expect to see. This coupled with the fact that I could get the system with no money down made it seem to good be true. I had the system up and running for a year now and from the very first month, my bills were lower than ever before.

GT- From Orange County, CA
I am incredibly picky about how my house looks so it was my goal that when they finished my solar installation, it would look as nice as possible. Solar Optimum was great and I liked all the special things they did helping me get to my goals. The team took good care of my property during the install and were quick but more important accurate with the answers to my questions. The system has been working very well since they turned them on and I would recommend anyone to Solar Optimum.

NM- From San Diego
My husband and I had met with a lot of other companies and thought we would make our rounds before selecting who we would do the work. Other solar companies were quick to spit out a general quote to show me numbers that were not even close. When we met with the consultant from Solar Optimum they had a wealth of information along with a customized proposal specifically for our home. They had filled us in with a more complete picture of what we could do for our home with solar. In the end it was their expertise that helped close the deal. My husband and I are glad we chose Solar Optimum. We’ll definitely refer my neighbors to them.



My neighbor told me about Solar Optimum after he had solar panels installed himself. He told me they were the best in all of California, and now that I’ve gone through the process with them, I couldn’t agree more! Great job, Solar Optimum-- even better service and amazing prices!
-- M.B., from Los Angeles, CA

The cost of living in California is pretty high, so when my wife and I bought our new house, we immediately decided to get solar as part of the renovation so we could save money on our utility bills moving forward. Choosing Solar Optimum for that project was the best decision we’ve ever made. From day one, the service was outstanding, best 25-year warranties in the market, and their prices are very competitive, but more importantly, the solar system works perfectly. We got 26 Panasonic solar panels with the Enphase microinverters, they were installed in no time, and our bill has gone down from $170 per month to only $20 per month.
-- RV, Glendale, CA

Best solar company!!! I was nervous about getting solar because I had heard about some pretty terrible experiences people had with other companies but I am so happy I came across Solar Optimum because now I have a state of the art solar system that saves me money every month. I can’t say enough good things about Solar Optimum. I will feel great about tell everyone I know to call them if they ever want solar.
-- PA, Escondido, CA

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