Are solar panels right for your home? How much can you save on your electricity bill? What are your solar purchasing options? At Solar Optimum, we understand your questions, and we want to help you find the best answers by offering a FREE Solar Savings Report!

Solar Optimum has partnered up with PowerScout, a data-driven eCommerce platform for clean energy. PowerScout uses satellite and property data, so Solar Optimum can instantly provide you a FREE solar savings estimate. You can run the numbers yourself by simply entering your address information.

So how does it work? The Solar Savings Report offers estimates on how much you can save on your electric bill, which federal tax credits may apply, how many panels you’ll need and how much your home value could increase by going solar. You can customize the report to include your current monthly electric bill amount and electric vehicle usage, if applicable. The report will also include how many trees are saved by avoiding CO2 emissions from fossil fuel energy sources. Because when you go green, you save green!


And those are just a few of our Solar Savings Report perks. The report also includes a side by side comparison of both purchase options buying versus financing with a breakdown of your average savings by month, year and over the span of 25 years. This comprehensive overview will help you decide which option works best for you and your home. Last, but not least, a geo-map will display how many neighbors in your area have already gone solar.

Let us show you how getting powered by Solar Optimum is a breeze! Click here to use the all-new Solar Savings Report. Simply type in your address info and receive your FREE solar savings report, no strings attached.


At Solar Optimum, only the sun can outshine customer satisfaction and we are proud to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with you this year! If you have any questions about our FREE Solar Savings Report, click or call at 818-745-1483.

3X Angie's List Super Service Award Winner


Angie's List, the leading online review platform, has named Solar Optimum, the winner of the coveted Angie's List Super Service Award for the third year in a row. The Super Service Award honors service professionals who have maintained exceptional service ratings and reviews on Angie's List in 2017.

angies list solar optimum 2.jpg

"It's truly an honor to have been recognized by Angie's List as a Super Service Award winner," said Arno Aghamalian, CEO and Founder of Solar Optimum. "Our staff works tremendously hard to exceed every aspect of customer service. From the time we meet the customer to the time of installation of a new solar system on their home, we aim to meet a consistent, friendly and effortless experience for our valued customers."

This year's award marks Solar Optimum third consecutive year going back to 2015. As 2018 marks the leading solar installer's 10-Year Anniversary, Aghamalian vows that the entire staff will continue to serve and meet the needs of their residential homeowners and commercial businesses for the next ten years and beyond.



Solar Optimum, California’s leader in residential and commercial solar installation and battery storage, today announced its signing of a gold sponsorship agreement with the Renewable Energy Association at the University of California Los Angeles through the 2018 season.

Solar Optimum’s sponsorship will kick off this month at UCLA’s Renewable Energy Association 9th Annual Southern California Jobs Fair. As a young Association established in 2013, UCLA’s REA is a student organization focused on spreading awareness about renewable energy and the environment through both education and the implementation of clean energy technologies. REA’s Career Fair on November 20, will be held from 5:30 to 8:00pm at the UCLA campus.

In addition to energy career fairs throughout the 2018 season, the gold sponsorship agreement also includes speaking engagements to the student body (current and alumni), staff and administration and families of UCLA, workshops and presentations for Smart Grids, Sustainable Buildings and Policies and ongoing interaction and involvement for solar installation projects across the UCLA campus and residential communities.

Thinking of jumpstarting a career in the solar energy market? “This is a perfect time to do so”, according to Rainier de Ocampo, VP of Marketing at Solar Optimum and UCLA Extension Business Instructor. “The solar-energy job market is growing at a rapid rate, especially in California. We are proud to lead by example and employ talented, experienced solar experts who want to make a positive difference in their career and the environment.”

“Additionally,” de Ocampo continued, “Our team believes in top-notch educational initiatives and supports the UCLA’s REA student organization in its goals to understand the importance of various forms of renewable energy and the effects of the environment, economy and society while encouraging the community’s clean energy development through technical projects, local initiatives and education.”

The executive team at Solar Optimum will offer their expertise to the students who want to learn how a successful solar company is managed. Rainier de Ocampo and John Trasher, Solar Optimum’s Chief Operating Officer, are both Solar Optimum executives and professors at UCLA’s Extension Business Program. Rainier de Ocampo points out, “We want to emphasize Solar Optimum’s success in the solar industry and share our knowledge and expertise with the next generation of future leaders in the renewable energy sector.” 

UCLA REA’s External Vice President Adarsh Balaji states: “After extensive research into solar companies, we felt that Solar Optimum would not only add great value to our Career Fair and Mission, but also support our Solar Team achieve greater impact on the LA residential area by working together on solar installations.” 

Balaji continues, “Solar Optimum’s mission statement resonates with us, as it shows the importance that Solar Optimum gives to renewable energy, and further reinforces ideas that REA serves to uphold as well - saving the planet.”

REA Banner.png

Solar Optimum’s VP of Residential Development, Emmitt Summers and Rainier de Ocampo will both attend the Energy career fair on November 20th. Summers shares, “This job fair will be a great opportunity to meet bright students and professionals who can drive our mission of making solar power accessible and affordable for all by setting a new paradigm of excellence in the industry.”  

If you are interested in learning more about Solar Optimum’s educational partnerships and collaboration opportunities, contact Rainier de Ocampo, VP of Marketing at (818) 804-3122 or email

Solar Optimum Launches New Referral App-- Earn $500 for Each Referral!

Download Solar Optimum’s New FREE Referral App

Making the move to solar is more imperative than ever. Solar power not only pays for itself and helps improve the quality of the environment, it also increases the value of homes and reduces utility bills. At Solar Optimum, we love providing clean, renewable energy and rewarding our customers for their support in growing the solar revolution.

Do you know someone interested in a solar system and saving money? If you do, you’ve come to the right place. Solar Optimum has launched a FREE Referral App that helps home owners like you earn cash rewards by sending referrals. With our referral program, you can earn green by referring green; it’s a win-win for everyone!

Let’s explain how it works.


Simply download Solar Optimum’s new Referral App from the iTunes or Google Play Store, select the sales consultant and register. Once registered, you can begin sending referrals right away and earn $500 for EACH referral that chooses Solar Optimum as their solar provider*. You can track the progress of your referral and rewards right on your mobile device. Import contacts from your contact list and submit multiple referrals to earn even more referral cash upon their solar system installation. Referring has never been so easy. Are you ready to make the sun work for you?

*Terms and Conditions are listed in the Solar Optimum Referral App Settings tab. Referral rewards/incentives are non-transferable and will be paid out once a contract is signed, solar installation is complete and approved by the city. For complete details, click here.

Download the Solar Optimum Referral App today and help your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors go solar and save thousands on their ever-increasing utility bills, while making money and a difference for the planet. Make sure to turn on App’s push notifications so that you’ll be alerted when you earn your $500 referral reward!

At Solar Optimum, we pride ourselves on putting our clients first and making solar investments easy, affordable and rewarding. If you have any questions about the Solar Optimum Referral Program or App, please give us a call at 818-745-1471 or click here.

Arno Aghamalian named CEO of the Year in Renewable Energy by


Solar Optimum is pleased to announce that Arno Aghamalian, President and CEO of Solar Optimum, was recently named CEO of the Year by and AI Global Media. Because of the vital role that CEOs play, the 2017 Global CEO Excellence Awards was created to recognized the outstanding effort and hard work of key leaders around the world. In the category of Renewable Energy, Arno Aghamalian’s determination and excellence in leadership was recognized by his peers and the industry.

CEO Excellence Awards 2017.png

CEO-Monthly and AI Global Media began the process of conducting the research and investigations into all of the CEO nominations for the Global CEO Excellence Awards. They gathered information from various sources to create a case file along with votes and supporting documentation to determine the 2017 winners. According to’s website, a business is only as good as its leadership and though it takes many hands to make a company work, CEOs hold great responsibility and power in the organization.

Join us in congratulating Arno Aghamalian, CEO of Solar Optimum, for winning the 2017 CEO of the Year Award in Renewable Energy.


At Solar Optimum, we stand and deliver. Unlike other solar installers who use “soft” numbers to tell customers what their PV system could generate if their home meets very specific conditions, Solar Optimum is as transparent as the daylight. We stand behind our PV installation-- 100 percent. That’s why we’re pleased to announce our Performance Guarantee.

PG BLACK 1.jpg

In order to be precise about how much clean energy your home can generate, Solar Optimum uses the industry’s most trusted and leading-edge tools to not only design your system but to also analyze and monitor your home’s energy potential. And unlike other solar companies, we’ll guarantee this AND put it in writing before giving us your full commitment to go solar.

What does a Performance Guarantee mean for you? If your solar system over-performs, the savings are yours to keep. But if your system falls under our production estimates, we’ll resolve the issue immediately and compensate you one-year from the anniversary of your system’s commissioning date.

Over the last 10 years, there’s a reason why Solar Optimum has been known for being the Local Experts, developing Real Relationships and delivering Honest Talk to our customers. It’s because we take the worries from you and cover you if your system under-delivers. Our trusted team of experts will provide real-time monitoring to give you energy peace of mind with your PV installation.

So in the event of a power or service interruption, you’re covered! Solar Optimum integrates cell-based monitoring into your energy system that’s better and more reliable than Wi-Fi. We use this device at our Fleet Management department to monitor and ensure that potential issues can be corrected before you even know about them.

Warranty Transfers. We Keep It Real.

Solar Optimum goes above and beyond with our Performance Guarantee, especially when it comes to a warranty transfer. The warranties provided to you are transferable. Most solar companies only give the warranty to the original purchaser of the solar system. In these cases, if you sell your home, the new homeowner does not enjoy the solar system warranty coverage.

Not at Solar Optimum. If the owner sells the home with our solar system installed, the warranty transfers to the new homeowners so they too can continue enjoying the warranty benefits of a clean energy home and savings.

How does Solar Optimum’s Performance Guarantee differ from the rest? 

California Takes Another Leap Forward with 100 Percent Renewable Energy Target

Pioneering the next generation of energy, California already leads the nation in laws that combat climate change[1]. Last month, a bill mandating 100% solar and wind energy in California by 2045 received LA councilmen’s support[2].

“Scientists have made it clear: We must stop burning fossil fuels in order to spare our children and their children from the devastating effects of climate change,” said Councilman Paul Koretz. Introduced by Senate Leader Kevin de Leon D-Los Angeles, “SB 100 is a hugely important bill that will put the entire state on record as aiming for 100 percent renewable energy,” he added. Moving to 100 percent renewable energy will cut greenhouse gases and irritating smog in Southern California that causes asthma, lung disease and even premature death.

De Leon’s bill will increase the 50 percent target of renewables for 2030 to 60 percent, eventually moving the target to 100 percent renewable and zero-carbon sources of electricity in 28 years. Since California has been leading the world on climate action, it won’t be long before everyone else is taking aim for these goals worldwide,” Councilman David Ruy said.

For the past decades, California has grown into a champion of renewable energy. That is why there is no better time than now to go solar. Solar power not only pays for itself and helps improve the quality of the environment, it also increases the value of homes. At Solar Optimum we have seen average U.S. residences save significantly on their electric bills and lock in rates that are predictable, month after month. Suffice it to say, solar investments will become even more valuable as utility rates continue to rise.

According to Emmitt Summers, Solar Optimum’s VP of Residential Development, this promising development in the State’s Legislature ties right in with Solar Optimum’s mission. “Since 2008, we have been providing solar energy to all 10 counties in Southern California. As a firm believer in clean, affordable energy for all; our team of energy consultants, engineers and operations experts have top-notch experience in making green, renewable energy accessible to residential, business and commercial clients,” Summers says.

“Our strong commitment to providing clients with an energy peace of mind and making communities energy independent, is a key element in setting a new paradigm of excellence in the industry,” he adds. “For example, as a Tesla Energy Certified Installer, it is a rewarding feeling to offer our clients leading solar battery storage solutions that provide ideal solutions for their homes and satisfy their long-term energy needs, knowing that every installed solar panel also contributes to preserving our planet.”

Summers concludes, “It makes financial and environmental sense for homeowners, businesses and communities to be part of this statewide solar revolution – strongly backed by local city council - because climate change is not going anywhere. At the end of the day, all of California is going solar. It’s just a question of by when and at what cost. There’s no need to wait until 2045 when you can switch to solar now.”

At Solar Optimum we are proud to be part of the solar revolution, and invite you to explore our environmentally friendly, independent and affordable energy solutions. Feel free to contact us today at (800) 552-9970, and speak with one of our certified experts about how we can make your solar investment for your home easy and affordable.

By Misha Kouzeh, freelance writer for Solar Optimum



[1] SGV Tribune. Retrieved from:

[2] Daily News. Retrieved from:




Solar Optimum Installs Most Complicated Virtual Net Metering Project Ever Processed by Southern California Edison

LAGUNA WOODS, Calif. (Sept. 6, 2017): SunPower Elite Dealer Solar Optimum is helping Orange County’s premier senior living community Laguna Woods Village embrace energy efficiency by installing an aggregate total of approximately 780 kW DC, producing 1,337,333 kWH, offsetting the common area load that the community was paying high Southern California Edison electricity bills for. This "Best in Class" project is the largest SunPower Helix project interconnected in the west coast in 2017.

Solar Optimum is saving the Laguna Woods Village community over $200,000 per year in electrical bills and an average of $15,000 per month in meter fees by completing this complex solar install before net metering 1.0 deadline.

Solar Optimum is saving the Laguna Woods Village community over $200,000 per year in electrical bills and an average of $15,000 per month in meter fees by completing this complex solar install before net metering 1.0 deadline.


The project consists of 12 buildings which were occupied while the work was performed and Solar Optimum used the SunPower Helix dual tilt PV solar system, which notably is the highest density solar system on the market today. The cutting-edge technology sped up the process and Solar Optimum’s rigorous safety measures made it possible to install while tenants occupied the facilities.

This was the most complicated virtual net metering project ever processed by Southern California Edison with over 550 benefiting meters offset by 800 kW on 12 sites. A typical virtual net metering project has a mere 10 to 20 meters with just one rather than 12 connection points. Southern California Edison requires meters to be lined up with parcels. “With such a large project, it was like a Rubik’s cube lining it all up. All sides are green now,” exclaims Gene Okun, Solar Optimum’s commercial project manager.

“Our goal was to get the project installed to meet the looming net metering 1.0 deadline, when rates on solar energy credit would rise and cost the community an additional $15,000 per month in meter fees,” says Gene Okun. “Solar Optimum and SunPower managed the deadline successfully, despite the size and complexity of the project. We are pleased with the results.”

The Solar Optimum team had to tackle the small sizes of the host buildings which made power density critical. “We were originally planning for 16 buildings as host sites, but the SunPower Helix system made it possible for us to get all that power in 12 buildings,” says Bill McNeese, director of business development at Solar Optimum. “This gave us the competitive advantage, reducing the number of roofs needing to be replaced by the community. When the cost-benefit analysis was complete, the board unanimously selected Solar Optimum and SunPower Helix.”

“We realized that Laguna Woods Village had other very competitive proposals but were confident in our ability to deliver the project within the tight timeframe despite its complexities and engineering challenges,” says Gene Okun. “With the success of Laguna Woods Village, we look forward to expanding our commercial portfolio and taking on new challenges in the Southern California market.”



About Solar Optimum

Solar Optimum, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based company that provides renewable and solar plus storage energy solutions for residential, business and commercial clients in the greater Los Angeles and Southern California area. Since 2008, Solar Optimum’s business philosophy has been focused on positive change by delivering environmentally friendly, alternative, independent and affordable solar solutions.  The staff at Solar Optimum is highly trained and certified to serve and represent their clients with expertise, respect and exceptional customer service.  A multi-award-winning company, Solar Optimum has an overarching goal to protect the environment using the most innovative solar technology available while maintaining long-term value for their customers.

About SunPower

As one of the world's most innovative and sustainable energy companies, SunPower (NASDAQ:SPWR) provides a diverse group of customers with complete solar solutions and services. Residential customers, businesses, governments, schools and utilities around the globe rely on SunPower's more than 30 years of proven experience. From the first flip of the switch, SunPower delivers maximum value and superb performance throughout the long life of every solar system. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, SunPower has dedicated, customer-focused employees in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America. For more information about how SunPower is changing the way our world is powered, visit

About Laguna Woods Village

Laguna Woods Village is the largest 55+ community in California, featuring 12,736 homes and approximately 18,500 active adult residents. Laguna Woods Village is a diverse and private community, located just 10 minutes from the Laguna Beach coastline, on 3.8 square miles (2,100 acres) of rolling hillsides in south Orange County, California. Laguna Woods Village is professionally managed and staffed by Village Management Services, Inc. To learn more, visit

Solar Optimum, Honors Teachers and Educators with a New Solar Discount Program

Solar Optimum, the 5-time award winner as the Best Solar Company in Los Angeles according to the Daily News, has announced the launch of a new program that offers a special discount on residential solar energy and home battery solutions for teachers and educators across California.

According to Rainier de Ocampo, VP of Marketing at Solar Optimum, the new teacher discount program for solar and home battery is aimed to make green, renewable energy accessible to homeowners, particularly those who work in education.

“At Solar Optimum, we would be remiss if we did not give special recognition to the teachers and educators in our community,” said Rainier de Ocampo, VP of Marketing for Solar Optimum. “Teaching is about creating, inspiring and spearheading the curiosity in students and others. With that, we are incredibly pleased to announce a discount on a new high production solar system and Tesla Powerwall battery for all teachers, educators and staff members.”

Solar Optimum’s new Teacher / Educator discount offers:

  • $500 off a residential solar energy system up to 6 kilowatts (kW) in size
  • $750 off a residential solar system between 6 kW and 12 kW
  • And $1,000 off a residential solar system bigger than 12 kW

And for those interested in a complete energy system by adding the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery, Solar Optimum is offering a 10% discount per battery.

If you’re a teacher or educator interested in installing a solar system or Tesla Powerwall battery at your home, give us a call at 818-745-1482.

Solar Optimum Making a Difference by Donating Portion of August Sales to Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

LOS ANGELES, CA — August 31, 2017 —Solar Optimum, Inc., today announced that they will be donating a portion of its August 2017 residential solar system and home battery sales to support the Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts.

Credit: David J Phillip AP

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey continues to take its toll, having left more than 11 trillion gallons of water in the Houston, Texas area since it hit land last Friday. With much more rain falling on the city and the surrounding area as predicted, it has severely affected tens of thousands of individuals and families in the community.

“Tropical Storm Harvey is an unprecedented natural disaster that hit Texas and truly demands unprecedented help from everyone in the U.S.,” said Arno Aghamalian, CEO and President of Solar Optimum. “Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the storm and the staff at Solar Optimum wanted to do our part, although minor, to assist in the emergency relief efforts.”

“Solar Optimum will be donating a portion of our residential August sales to the following Harvey relief disaster funds: The Greater Houston Community Foundation and the United Way of Greater Houston,” added Aghamalian.

Solar Optimum joins millions of individuals, families and organizations in donating much needed funds, food and volunteer help in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey.

For Media Inquiries, contact:




Solar Optimum, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based company that provides renewable- and solar plus storage energy solutions for residential, business and commercial clients in the greater Los Angeles and Southern California area. Since 2008, Solar Optimum’s business philosophy has been focused on positive change by delivering environmentally friendly, alternative, independent and affordable solar solutions.  The staff at Solar Optimum is highly trained and certified to serve and represent their clients with expertise, respect and exceptional customer service.  A multi-award-winning company, Solar Optimum has an over-arching goal to protect the environment using the most innovative solar technology available while maintaining long-term value for their customers.


2017_DN_RC_Best_Logo_4C (1).jpg

Solar Optimum, Inc., California’s leading residential and commercial solar installer has once again earned top honors as the BEST Solar Company in Los Angeles in the Daily News 18th annual Readers’ Choice Awards. This coveted award holds special meaning to the team at Solar Optimum because it’s the 5th year in a row they’ve won the award.

“We are incredibly grateful and honored to accept this award,” said Arno Aghamalian, President and CEO of Solar Optimum. “As a customer-centric organization, we understand the importance of great customer service and how it must come hand-in-hand with the technology and clean energy solutions that we provide to the community. On behalf of everyone at Solar Optimum, THANK YOU for naming us BEST Solar Company in L.A. for the fifth straight year.” 

For nearly a decade, Solar Optimum has been headquartered in Los Angeles, California and now provides solar to more than 10 communities with new offices located in Orange County, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Valencia, Palm Springs, Bakersfield, San Diego, Escondido and San Jose.

Leading Solar Installer, Solar Optimum, Salutes Military and First-Responders with a New Discount Program

Solar Optimum, the award-winning Los Angeles-based solar installation company, has announced the launch of a new program that offers a discount on residential solar energy and home battery solutions for active and retired members of the armed services, reserves and first-responders across Southern California.

According to Emmitt Summers, VP of Residential Development, this new military and first responder solar and battery discount program is aimed to make green, renewable energy accessible to more people, particularly those that serve to protect our country and community.

“As a special thanks to the brave men and women who serve, Solar Optimum would like to do our part to show our appreciation and give back,” said Summers. “So for those interested in powering their homes with solar and adding energy storage in the case of an emergency, we’re pleased to offer a discount on a new solar system and the Tesla Powerwall battery. We salute you and we are here to help!”

Solar Optimum’s new program offers:

  • $500 off a residential solar energy system up to
    6 kilowatts (kW) in size
  • $750 off a residential solar system between 
    6 kW and 12 kW
  • And $1,000 off a residential solar system 
    bigger than 12 kW

If you’re a veteran, active service member, a reserve or a first-responder interested in installing a solar system or Tesla Powerwall home battery, give us a call at 818-804-3122 


The solar industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. Today, solar-energy jobs are growing 12 times as fast as the US economy (1). Despite coal being a more important employer in some states, solar has more jobs across the country. With President Trump promising to revive the coal industry and double down on fossil fuels, ultimately creating more energy jobs, he has not focused on the increasingly important role of renewable power in America’s energy economy (2).

According to a U.S. Energy and Employment Report (3), the solar industry employed many more Americans than coal. Of the 1.9 million power creation jobs created in 2016, more than 373,000 Americans worked part or full time in solar energy compared to just over 160,000 workers in the coal industry. Approximately 260,000 employees in the solar industry, which equals to about 70 percent, spent a majority of their time on solar projects.

Among all states, California achieved the highest rate of solar power jobs per capita last year. Roughly 84 of every 10,000 workers in the state held part-time or full-time jobs in the solar industry. Nevada came in close second, followed by Hawaii, Vermont and Massachusetts. The report shows that most solar energy jobs were in installation, construction and manufacturing, as the relatively new industry continued to add capacity, which is a very promising development.

“At Solar Optimum, we are evolving our Residential Sales Model and optimizing the Customer Experience to set a new paradigm of excellence in the industry”, said Solar Optimum’s VP of Residential Development, Emmitt Summers. “Now more than ever, Homeowners have become more knowledgeable and demanding in their selection of a Solar Provider. We are proud to stand out in the solar market by employing ethical and experienced Energy Consultants, Coordinators and licensed installers who have local expertise and proven track records in the clean energy sector.”

Summers continued, “Before joining Solar Optimum, I helped build two of the largest and most successful solar companies in the U.S, and along the way, the most consistent element of success was hiring good people. If you take care of your employees, they take great care of your customers. My mission is to make our communities energy independent, one home and business at a time and I’m honored to be doing that with the Solar Optimum team.”

The team at Solar Optimum is made up of talented individuals who are among the foremost solar energy providers in the country. Solar Optimum is always seeking qualified Energy Consultants and Sales Coordinators to drive the mission of making solar power accessible and affordable for all. Are you excited about the job prospects in the growing solar market? Contact us at careers@solaroptimum today, along with your attached resume and cover letter, to find out how you can make a positive difference in your career, and our planet.


  1. Business Insider
  2. NY Times
  3. The Department of Energy


By Misha Kouzeh, freelance writer for Solar Optimum


Sign up with Solar Optimum today for a guaranteed full cash rebate.

Looking for a cash rebate to save costs on a new solar system for your home? You’re not the only one. Many Glendale homeowners are anxiously awaiting the chance to receive a cash rebate with the city’s Solar Solutions Incentive Program. But why would you settle for just a limited chance to win? The City of Glendale does not guarantee the rebate—but Solar Optimum will! Sign up before June 30, 2017 and Solar Optimum will guarantee the full cash rebate.


This is the FINAL year for the City of Glendale’s Solar Solutions Incentive Program and only a limited number of homeowners will be selected to receive funds for solar. The program is expected to provide up to $1.29 per watt (for FY 2017-2018) for installed systems sized 30 KW dc or less that meet program guidelines. The solar program works on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds run out, which means that time is of the essence.

At Solar Optimum, we are big believers in going solar. Other solar companies only refer to the Federal Solar Tax Credit that takes 30% off your cost of installation. But with Solar Optimum you can save much more. If you sign up at Solar Optimum, we will handle the time-sensitive paperwork for you, submit the complete application on your behalf, and guarantee the cash rebate!

Join your Glendale neighbors who have already joined the solar revolution with Solar Optimum:

"I decided to go solar because we were paying more than $300 a month on our electricity bill. After we obtained a solar system and a Tesla Battery, now we're only paying $15 a month just for service charges. We decided to go with Solar Optimum because we called other solar companies to get a quote and they offered the best price. We also liked their customer service. That's why we went with Solar Optimum.”

- Artur, Glendale homeowner


Glendale residents who are planning to enter the Glendale Solar Solutions Program must contact Solar Optimum before June 30, 2017. While Solar Optimum will assist with Glendale’s requisite application process in order to enter the rebate program prior to its deadline, we will also guarantee that you will receive the complete, applicable sum of the rebate’s value. 

“At Solar Optimum, we are committed to providing residential homeowners with affordable, clean energy,” said Arno Aghamalian, president of Solar Optimum.” We’ll do whatever it takes to get the best possible deals for our customers. That’s our promise to you!”

Glendale residents must contact Solar Optimum by June 30, 2017 in order to secure guaranteed value equal to the funding offered by the Glendale Solar Support Rebate Program. Here are a few key points of the offer:

  • Must be a homeowner
  • No credit required
  • $0 cash down
  • 30% federal tax credit is yours (post rebate)
  • 100% guaranteed to receive cash rebate
  • Increase your home’s property value instantly

No other solar company can match this offer. Interested in learning more about the Glendale Support Rebate Program and Solar Optimum’s exclusive guaranteed rebate offer? Call the local experts at (818) 745-1499.

By Misha Kouzeh, freelance writer for Solar Optimum


Solar Optimum is pleased to announce its sponsorship of ROARING NIGHTS AT THE LA ZOO, an after-hours special event for families to let their sense of adventure run wild, set for Friday, June 23, 2017, from 6-10 PM at the Los Angeles Zoo. A different kind of wildlife take over at the L.A. Zoo, Roaring Nights will be accompanied with summer music featuring live bands, D.J.’s, pop-up zookeeper talks, special animal encounters, L.A.’s favorite food trucks, lawn games and more.

With more than 3,000 visitors expected to attend, Solar Optimum will sponsor Roaring Nights and like all night-time events at the L.A. Zoo, will support the Zoo and its global conservative efforts. Together, we can continue to make a difference for wildlife and inspire new generations.

Along with the addition of some of L.A.’s favorite food trucks providing gourmet delights, guests are invited to dance and sing their way through this 60’s Summer Safari grooving to the sounds of Motown featured at the Detroit Nights stage to Woodie and Longboards serenading the night with the surf sounds that will have you screaming “cowabunga!”  This event will also feature D.J. Johnny Hawkes spinning tiki tracks, island rhythms and 60’s rock hits. 

Be sure to stop by the Solar Optimum booth to learn about the benefits of going solar at your home and we’ll have a special offer for residents of Southern California who are interested in going solar. We’ll also have some free giveaways for the kids including Solar Optimum coloring books and sunglasses!

Reserve your tickets today!

Member tickets: $17 (Adults) / $13 (Child)

Nonmember tickets: $20 (Adults) / $15 (Child)

For more information, visit:


Net Energy Metering (aka NEM) has definitely helped the growth of solar industry and it started with NEM 1.0 which had obvious benefits. A cap was defined for NEM 1.0 and Southern California Edison is reaching the cap. The good news is that it doesn’t eliminate NEM entirely, and it is changing to NEM 2.0 which is not as good as NEM 1.0. Although this change is not slowing down the solar installation rate, it is less appealing to the solar system owners. Following are the main changes:

  1. Mandatory Time-of-Use (TOU) Rates—Under NEM 1.0, residential customers on an SCE tiered rate structure before installing a solar power system continue on that rate after interconnection. NEM 2.0 forces new solar customers to shift to a TOU rate which is not the best rate for majority of customers. You may wonder why this is important. Usually, solar power systems have the best production from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. SCE’s TOU rates are expensive for energy consumed between 2 to 8 p.m. which means that energy passed on to the grid before 2 p.m. is less valuable to the consumer than the energy they have to import from the grid in the evening after the solar power system is no longer producing. This may cause additional charges.
  2. Imposition of Non-by-passable Charges (NBCs)—Currently, your energy charges can be zeroed out or even you may get credit if your solar power production equals or exceeds (respectively) your consumption from SCE. Under NEM 1.0, you will pay for the power if your consumption exceeds your solar production. Under NEM 2.0, for every kWh imported from the grid, whether it can be netted out, there are NBCs charged for that energy. The good news is that this charge is around 2.2¢/kWh, but this may increase in future, and it does not apply to solar energy consumed locally. This change will reduce your solar savings due to the additional charges.
  3. New Interconnection Fee—It did not cost anything to customers who connected to SCE’s grid under NEM 1.0, but there will be a one-time charge of $75 for those who connect in future under NEM 2.0.

In the end, it may be helpful to re-emphasize that NEM 2.0 is not the crushing blow to solar that some feared it might become. But it will lower your short term and long term savings. Hence, it just makes sense to sign up for a solar power system while NEM 1.0 is available if you want to take control over your energy costs. According to SCE’s website the deadline is estimated to be July 1st, or sooner depending on when they reach their cap.

To learn more information about NEM 2.0 and to obtain a free quote from Solar Optimum, call 818-804-3122 today.

Source: SolarPowerWorld Online

Homeowners with Swimming Pools Can Save Money by Going Solar!

Dipping in those beautiful backyard swimming pools has been part of California’s lifestyle for decades. According to Metrostudy, there are 1.18 million residential swimming pools in California.[1] Due to California’s warm climate, homeowners typically experience high electricity usage levels in the summer months. With the pool season approaching, homeowners might enjoy their occasional plunge, but may not realize how much their pool is actually costing them.

Although solar technology has been around for decades, many homeowners are still under pressure by skyrocketing utility costs. With pool pumps running up to 8 hours daily year-round, homeowners with swimming pools are, quite frankly, paying too much. Based on our experience, homeowners annually consume an average of 2,928 kWh of additional energy to keep their pool running. A simple calculation shows that additional utility costs of maintaining a swimming pool can go up to $54 per month, and between $12,000 and $13,000 over the next 20 years.[2]

Homeowners with swimming pools should definitely consider a solar system to help them save money on their electric bill. Using solar photovoltaic (PV) system paired with an existing pool pump and filter can save thousands of dollars in maintenance costs in the long run. So how does it work? After installation of the PV solar panels on the rooftop, electricity will be generated which not only powers up the pool pump, but generates energy for your entire home. The great news is that much like a standard monthly utility bill, with solar, you don’t have to make an upfront investment to install a solar system — which make solar panels the perfect way to reduce the costs of energy consumption for your pool and home; and what better source to use than the sun, the most abundant and fundamentally sound form of clean, natural energy.

“Today, homeowners are making their homes smarter than the utility company,” said Amir Salahi, Residential Sales Manager at Solar Optimum. “You definitely need to make your house more energy independent because right now you’re paying too much for electricity. It is not your fault, since ultimately we all have to pay for energy. The problem is that utility companies are charging historically high prices. Why not lock in the cost of your utilities, lower your electricity rate, and take control of your utility costs to come, for at least 3 decades?” he adds. 

This investment is a ‘win-win-win’ situation, as it serves the triple bottom line. Solar Optimum values the time and money you can spend on things that matter to your family and home, while achieving a bigger goal together; a cleaner planet for all. Solar experts can help you lock-in lower rates for the life of your new solar energy system, making your solar technology even more valuable as utility rates rise on an annual basis. This makes going solar, by far, the smartest investment for your home, family, and the environment.

Although savings vary from case to case, depending on the pool size, desired water temperature, amount of sunlight exposure, solar panel orientation and other specifications of your home and outdoor space, data shows that homeowners can be cost-effective and save money on their electric bill by going solar.

“Solar Optimum has been in business for nearly a decade,” adds Salahi. “And what does that mean for our customers and homeowners? It means that they can place their trust in Solar Optimum. Our staff has a tremendous amount of experience in design, engineering and construction. Every solar project for each home is custom designed to your exact needs and specifications. Unlike other solar providers, we do not take short cuts. We treat your home as if it were our very own.”

That said, the Solar Optimum team is uniquely equipped and experienced in helping homeowners go solar. We’ve helped thousands of households across Southern California save money every month on their rising electric bill by breaking free from the utility company. With the summer season around the corner, take advantage of the sun by having your home and pool operate with power from the sun. To learn more on how you can start reducing your electric bill today, don’t hesitate to call us and speak with the local experts at (818) 745-1487 or visit

By Misha Kouzeh, freelance writer for Solar Optimum


[2] Data estimates are provided by the Solar Optimum team and are derived from past electricity usage levels by residential homes

Solar Optimum Installs Solar & Energy Storage for Dependable Hawaiian Express in Record Time

LOS ANGELES, CA — April 5, 2017 —Solar Optimum, Inc., is pleased to announce the expedited completion of a new solar energy and storage system for Dependable Hawaiian Express (DHX) and Dependable Global Express (DGX) in Rancho Dominguez, California.

This announcement comes on the heels of an ambitious installation schedule turnaround that saw Solar Optimum’s Commercial team deliver the working system by the end of December 2016.

Talks regarding the project began only five months ago, after Dean Sandven, Project Manager for Tecta America recommended to the owner that Solar Optimum join them in the project.

“When I was asked by DHX/DGX to partner with a solar company to provide a new roof and solar a system for their Rancho Dominguez property, Solar Optimum immediately came to mind,” said Sandven.  “They know how crucial it is to care for their customers’ roofs — a key attribute that proved invaluable when installing the DHX/DGX solar array.  During the project, Solar Optimum ensured that their solar rack roof tie-in was coordinated with our Tecta America crew to assure that the new roof was not damaged.  The new roof warranty was maintained, and the roof was kept watertight throughout the installation.” 

The Solar Optimum Commercial Development team of Gene Okun and Bill McNeese met with DHX/DGX Facilities Manager Aaron Faulkner and General Operating Partner Brad Dechter in August of 2016 to discuss DHX/DGX’s needs for energy cost relief.

After analyzing the energy data, Solar Optimum learned that DHX/DGX also had high demand costs that a “solar only” project could not resolve. As an authorized dealer for LG Chem energy storage systems, Solar Optimum determined that the best return on investment for DHX/DGX was to install a 361-kw solar (1365 Trina Solar 265 watt panels and 10 SMA 30kw inverters) and a 60kw/135kwhr LG Chem stack to provide optimal relief from utility costs.

Among the energy challenges DHX/DGX faced was that uninterrupted operation of their warehouse lighting and IT was critical to their business success.  A loss of power would halt the many shipments outgoing during the evening hours — and the company’s IT department needed time to switch to the new secondary servers — so DHX/DGX requested that Solar Optimum design and combine backup power with peak shaving for demand savings.

“We suggested that storage could offer deeper energy savings and perhaps standby power for critical loads,” said Director of Business Development Bill McNeese.  “Based on this recommendation, our proposal became a solar/storage project with backup power for their lighting and IT loads.”

DHX/DGX also cited a need to complete the project by December 31, 2016, in order to obtain the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit. Installation operations began in early November 2016, and the Solar Optimum field installation staff worked through the holidays to complete the system on time for DHX/DGX.

The newly installed system now permanently offsets 89 percent of the 595,000-kw hr. load of the facility from the utility and provides savings of more than $50,000.00 per year to DHX/DGX in addition to providing “Energy Peace of Mind” that DHX’s operations can continue without utility power.

“We understood that DHX/DGX had other very competitive solar-only proposals, yet we were confident in the ability of our team to get the project completed within their time requirements and done with the quality of work we are known for,” said McNeese. “After our experience at DHX/DGX, we are convinced that the future of solar systems will have a storage component for customers who want to reduce the skyrocketing costs associated with demand charges. When reviewing our customers’ utility data, we find that many have demand charges making up over 50 percent of their bill. Storage systems directly address these costs, where solar only cannot. Storage does this by acting as a ‘shock absorber’ for the spikes in utility usage that create these expensive charges and eliminating them from clients ongoing utility costs.”

See how Solar Optimum transformed DHX/DGX’s time-sensitive energy project into an unqualified success — in record time — at

As the definitive leader in solar installation for commercial projects, Solar Optimum has the expertise and resources to meet the solar and energy storage needs of business owners.  To learn more about Solar Optimum or to schedule an appointment for consultation of your business energy needs, call 888-276-5270 or visit

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Established in 1950, The Dependable Companies has grown to include five integrated global logistics and transportation companies that seamlessly work together to deliver end-to-end supply chain solutions. As a strong, stable business, with a 60+ year history, The Dependable Companies are committed to continuing to build on its longstanding reputation for integrity, service and diversity - The "Dependable Difference."

Worldwide offices are located in the U.S. and throughout the Pacific Rim, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, India and Latin America. The Dependable Companies divisions and their service offerings include:

  • DGX (Dependable Global Express, Inc.) - an international ocean and air freight forwarder and NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier).
  • DHX (Dependable Hawaiian Express) - providing domestic freight forwarding services.
  • DHE (Dependable Highway Express) - a LTL (less than truckload) and FTL (full truck load) transportation services company throughout the 11 Western states. DHE also provides continental U.S. rail services and container drayage services within California. 
  • DDC (Dependable Distribution Centers) - delivering warehousing and distribution services in the Western United States.
  • DLS (Dependable Logistics Solutions) - providing intermodal services and 3PL (third party logistics) solutions, including supply chain consulting within the U.S.

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Net Energy Metering 1.0 is a Money-Saving Opportunity You Just Can’t Afford to Miss.

The California Public Utilities Commission recently voted to enact NEM 2.0., which will take effect around July 1st when NEM 1.0 reaches its cap.  For the past decade under NEM 1.0, the net energy metering policy has assured net-metered customers that they’d earn retail-rate payments for their surplus solar energy, helping to push the state to lead the country in rooftop solar deployments.

Homeowners and businesses can use California’s net metering policy to receive bill credits for the excess electricity that their solar panels produce, as long as the system is less than 1,000 kilowatts (1 MW). With the help of net metering in California, electric utility customers who install solar typically save tens of thousands of dollars on their electricity costs over the lifetime of their solar panels.

In fact, Southern California Edison (SCE) is now in the process of phasing out NEM 1.0, initiating NEM 2.0.  NEM 2.0 will have fewer solar incentives and new rate charges.  Homeowners considering going solar need to get their solar installed before the cap is reached to be grandfathered in on Net Metering 1.0.

Net Metering 2.0 makes a few minor changes to California’s original net metering policy, but it preserves the key element that makes solar economical for California residents: retail rate bill credits. Homeowners and businesses that enroll in NEM 2.0 will still receive per-kWh credits for their solar electricity that are equal to the value of a kWh of utility electricity. This means that the economics of solar are still very favorable under NEM 2.0.

“Solar systems would not be very effective if it wasn’t for of NEM,” notes Amir Salahi, Sales Manager at Solar Optimum. “As more and more buildings are converting to solar electricity — as opposed to conventional electricity — the NEM is changing, and those changes are NOT favorable to the solar industry, but the good side of this equation is the technological advancement of Energy Storage systems. You can generate Electricity during the day, and store it in an advanced Energy Storage system (such as Tesla Powerwall Battery) to consume it when you need it at night time when solar is not generating electricity. Not to mention, the energy storage system can help you to power up your house during blackouts to keep your family safe.”

Net Metering 1.0 is a list with a cap. Once that cap is reached, you can’t be on Net Metering 1.0. The list is full. It’s very important for consumers to go solar before the list fills up in order to get the best incentives.

All NEM 2.0 customers are put on a Time of Use (TOU) schedule, and charged higher rates for energy usage during peak hours. This especially affects anyone who runs their air conditioning, or families who stay home for a portion of the day. Solar customers who don’t get their solar installed in time to be grandfathered in on NEM 1.0 will be credited lower amounts if their solar panel system is producing extra. NEM 2.0 also includes a new interconnection fee.

“With current prices as low as they are, there will likely never be a better time to go solar” says Solar Optimum President and CEO Arno Aghamalian, “especially now, as Southern California Edison nears the cap for Net Metering 1.0 and going solar sooner, rather than later, just makes sense.

Customers that go solar before NEM 1.0 changes are grandfathered in, and receive the best solar incentives for 20 years.  NEM 2.0 starts on July 1, 2017 — or once Southern California Energy reaches a cap in energy usage for NEM this year.

If anyone installs solar panels before then, they are guaranteed a spot on the original NEM program plan. That means that now is an urgent time to install solar—before these new changes go into effect. Those interested in solar panels need to install as soon as possible, because SCE could certainly reach their energy cap before July 1st—and the panels need to be installed and approved before the cap is reached.

The Net Metering changes also come on the heels of a new high usage fee instituted by several California electricity companies. The 2017 high usage surcharge comes after historic rate increase in 2016. With all these factors in mind, now is a better time than ever for homeowners to go solar, reduce their electricity bills, avoid rate increases, and lock in their solar incentives.

For homeowners that want to install solar and guarantee their placement on the NEM 1.0 list, there are several factors to consider when choosing a solar contractor. The California Solar Initiative (CPUC) and the California Energy Commission recommend choosing a contractor such as Solar Optimum, an experienced and acclaimed solar provider known for its stellar reputation, finest use of technology and commitment to the highest level of customer service.

Don’t let the opportunity to take advantage of NEM 1.0 slip away.  Contact us at Solar Optimum as soon as possible to get more details.  Give us a call at (800) 552-9970; we’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide you with a complimentary quote.