How to Tell Amazing Solar Panel Promotions from Poor Ones

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Solar panel companies are battling for clients. As homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the value in buying solar panels, the market is tighter than ever before due to elevated competition. Solar panel companies need to stay on their toes by meeting all of their client’s needs, and one way they help to educate buyers in making a purchasing decision is to run promotions. The problem for consumers is that while some promotions boast amazing deals, others are gimmicks or they brimming with poor offers. This article is meant to help homeowners get a better sense for the best solar panel companies through examining the promotions they offer. 

Does the Promotion Include a Top-Tier Brand?

One of the easiest ways to identify a solid solar panel company running a good promotion is to check the brand. Any top organization or businesses will only associate themselves with the best names in the industry. For example, take a look at the Los Angeles Dodgers; they are sponsored by State Farm, Coca-Cola and Bank of America. Now imagine yourself at Dodger Stadium. In the outfield are signs and banners for some “mom and pop” insurance company in “small town USA”, Ne-Hi grape soda, and some small town credit union. Indeed, it would give the Dodgers a cheap look and many people would wonder why the strongest team in the National League can't form an alliance with a reputable known brand. That said, make sure the solar panel company you partner with runs promotions on top solar panel brands like Panasonic, and not some generic peddler or old-timey conglomerate. 

Look for Freebies that Really Offer Value

When you invest in solar energy you are actually doing something to improve your family’s lifestyle, so freebies should be immediately linked to your investment. Have you ever bought a new car that comes with a free set of luggage and a blender, and you tell yourself that getting a free upgrade on the car’s interior materials and features would make more sense? So why get excited over buying solar panels with a promotion that offers an ice cream machine or a two day cruise to Mexico? The best solar panel companies hook their customers up with promotions that impact their savings directly from solar systems. For example, companies like Solar Optimum run promotions on free solar monitoring systems that allow homeowners to track their overall energy consumption, per-panel energy production data, and that monitors the system’s health. 

What do the Warranties Look Like?

It is important to ensure that, no matter what attractive features a promotion offers, that the warranty on your solar panel system is robust. First, the length should be two decades or more. A 25 year warranty is a good time frame, and you shouldn't settle for less. Finally, the warranty should cover all aspects of a solar panel installation and the equipment’s ability to perform. Make sure that, in addition to the panels, the racking, inverter, workmanship, and roof should all fall under the warranty. There should also be a performance guarantee that runs the span of the warranty.  

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