How to Find the Best Los Angeles Solar Panels Provider that Gives Customers Top Savings


If you live in Los Angeles, you know how expensive your electricity bill can get, especially during the summer months when we are cranking our air conditioners day and night. In addition to running our pools, powering our lights and appliances, and all the other things that require electricity to keep our lives in motion, all of this adds up to a high bill that prevents you from using that money to improve your family’s lifestyle. This, and all the rebates, warranties and tax credits that are currently available is why Los Angeles solar panels have never been more popular than they are today. That said, now is the time to invest in solar panels because virtually any homeowner or business can afford them. This article is intended to help people learn to identify the best Los Angeles solar panels company to ensure they get the best deal.

Is there a Free Consultation?

The best Los Angeles solar panels company will actually analyze your current electrical usage while identifying various cycles or times of use where there are spikes. They will then examine your property, determine the solar system best suited for your needs, and estimate the cost after your rebates and tax credits to determine the time in which you will have already paid for the cost of solar panels. This is what should take place in a free consultation, and any Los Angeles solar panels company that offers one will help you better determine and understand the savings you could potentially enjoy with a new solar panel system.   

Solar Panel Warranty 

One sure way to know you are working with the best Los Angeles solar panels installer is to find a company that offers the best warranties. A solid solar panel warranty should be lengthy and cover all of the most important things. As for time lengths, look for a solar panel company in LA that offers at least 25 years of coverage under a strong warranty. As for areas of coverage look for a Los Angeles solar panels company that covers roofing, racking, performance guarantee, the solar panels themselves, workmanship and inverter. If any solar panel company denies coverage in their warranties for any of these points, move on because you aren't getting the best deal on a solar system. 

Length Spent in Business

One thing you need to be fully aware of is what it means for you as a solar system owner once the company that installed your panels goes out of business. When this happens, your warranty becomes void because only the company that installs your solar panels can maintain or repair them. This is why you need to find a Los Angeles solar panels installer that has been in business for at least a decade.Ten or more years of thriving in the solar panel industry is a testimony that they won't be going out of business, and therefore you can rest assured your solar panels will thrive under a protected warranty for many years to come while you enjoy huge savings on your energy will with solar energy from a trustworthy dealer that cares about Los Angeles homeowners.

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