How Important are Warranties when Looking for the Best Solar Panel Companies


More homes and businesses are buying solar panels these days because they have become more affordable than ever before, and the savings are apparent. Certainly, cost is an important consideration, and clearly solar panel warranties and tax credits play roles into the overall cost of solar panels. But how much importance should buyers place on tax credits and solar panel warranties?

Indeed, these things are important, but the best solar panel companies offer amazing warranties, tax credits and a number of other benefits that carry equal weight of importance when it comes to which company you should buy solar panels from. This article is intended to help business owners and homeowners learn how to identify the best solar panel companies, and to what extent tax credits and warranties play into their status as being “the best”.

Solar Panel Tax Credits

Solar panel companies don’t create or regulate solar panel tax credits; this is done at the state level and by the federal government. This means the solar panel companies you research have the right kind of equipment that will qualify for these tax credits, and that you buy and not rent. So to answer the question directly, the quality of solar panel companies and solar panel tax credits have nothing to do with one another. But what is the good sign of a solid solar panel company is that they take the time to work with you and help you qualify for the various tax credits, as the paperwork and research can be overwhelming for some people, and good customer service is a sign of a good solar panel company.

Solar Panel Warranties Reflect the Quality of Solar Panel Companies

Unlike tax credits, solar panel warranties absolutely reflect the quality of the solar panel companies you research to buy equipment from. There are two main things to look for: years of coverage, and type of coverage. At first a 15 year coverage plan for solar panel equipment sounds great, but is it? First of all, when it comes to solar panel warranties, don't settle for anything less than a 25 year warranty, and not just on the solar panels themselves. In addition to the panels, solar panel warranties should also offer 25 years of protection on the following:

  • Racking

  • Roof

  • Performance guarantee

  • Workmanship

  • Inverter

Solar panel companies with a 25 year warranty that covers all the above components demonstrates that the solar panel seller invests in the best equipment that comes with reliable warranties, and that their service men and technicians are skilled experts.

Finally, make sure solar panel companies you consider working with have a proven history of profitability and growth. If they show any signs of going out of business, your warranties will likely become void if another service provider ever repairs or touches the equipment.

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