3 Tips on Finding the Best Solar Companies in Los Angeles

Some things are easier than others to shop for, and solar companies in Los Angeles is not one of them. If you buy a computer or even a car from a company that goes out of business, there will still be a professional solution for seeking repairs. However, only the company that installs a homeowner’s solar system is able to perform maintenance or repairs. This makes shopping for Los Angeles solar panels even more challenging, as not only must you invest in a reliable brand that will help you meet your savings goals, but from a company that will likely be around for decades to come thus ensuring your warranty is honored and you can enjoy your solar panel system for the rest of your life. Here are three tips to help you find the best solar companies in Los Angeles to ensure your investment is solid and will never stop working to pay you back.

1. How Long have the Solar Companies in Los Angeles Been in Business?

One sure sign that a company offers a great product and phenomenal service is when they have been in business for a minimum of 10 years. This is especially true when it comes to solar companies in Los Angeles, for several reasons.

Los Angeles solar power is a competitive market, so when any company in this industry has been in business for more than seven years, is is a good sign you are in great hands when it comes to the concern they might fade out of business and leave you with no resolution should your solar system ever need repairs. Therefore, look for solar companies in Los Angeles that have stood the test of time in this turbulent industry, and ask their rep about the company’s future and plan to always remain in business.

2. The Best Solar Companies in Los Angeles Offer Amazing Warranties

Finding solar companies in Los Angeles that stand by their word is crucial. Solar systems were engineered to over-produce, and most certainly will. Solar systems are not only designed to withstand a number of technical scenarios, but they must be properly installed in order to function in a way that gives the homeowner the best value. Look for solar companies in Los Angeles that have a proven track record showing they stand behind their word. And the quality of the warranty is a major way to tell how reputable the solar panel company is. Look for solar companies in Los Angeles that offer a minimum 25-year warranty on a solar system, inverter, workmanship, racking, roof and a performance guarantee.

3. Top Solar Companies in Los Angeles Help Customers with Financing

When searching for solar companies in Los Angeles, look for one that actually shows their clients a white-glove level of care by assisting them with financing. Financing solar panels cna require people to perform lots of research, so when solar companies step up and help their customers, it saves people a great deal of time, as well as money.

Look for solar companies in Los Angeles that are well versed in helping homeowners and all other types of clients from government organizations to businesses see the big picture and balance between savings and cash flow, and how financing plays a role. There are exciting programs in circulation that help multiple types qualify for solar panel financing, and that fit the needs of all financial situations. The best solar companies in Los Angeles also help their customers qualify for federal tax credits that help make solar systems affordable for a greater selection of people. There are also state tax credits and utility rebates that can help cut the cost of solar systems. For example, the California Solar Initiative (CSI) offers cash back for investing in solar systems.

The Federal Government has a big interest in helping America become free from energy. In their efforts to encourage homeowners to embracing renewable energy, a generous 30% Federal Tax Credit is now available for these participants. The best part is that when homeowners partner with Solar Optimum for their Los Angeles solar panel company, they can avoid the final payment thanks to the unique ways in which the company works with the utility rebate.

Make sure your short list of solar companies in Los angeles are staffed with experts who know how to apply rebates, tax credits, and help with financing options so that you can start shining with solar energy and saving money immediately.

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