What Southern California Homeowners Should Consider Before they Buy Solar Panels


Southern California is known for getting year-round sunshine, and also having one of the most expensive utility bills in the country. Put these together and you have the perfect justification to buy solar panels from a trusted solar panel company to save thousands on your energy bill and help make the world a greener place. 

But buying solar panels requires a solid understanding of your needs, and the savings available to you. This means you need to find a trusted solar panel company that looks out for their customers and puts them in a position to truly change their lifestyle and benefit from going solar. As Southern California has a number of these companies, some are not as ideal as others. Therefore, this article is intended to help homeowners make an educated decision when they go to buy solar panels from a company that will put them in a position to win. 

Buy Solar Panels from a Company that’s Been in Business for 10 or More Years

You may not care how long the company has been in business that sells you your lawnmower or that books your big family vacation, but when it comes to buying solar panels from a provider, the time they have been in business absolutely matters. Here’s why: when any solar panel company makes repairs or performs maintenance to your solar system that was not the original installer, your warrant becomes void (and warranty is everything). 

Solar panel companies in Southern California are always going out of business because the market is saturated, and the competitiveness to offer the best service and top savings to customers forces the poorer companies out of the game. That said, you need to buy solar panels from a company that has been in business for a decade, and that shows no sign of every closing shop. 

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Matt Moore