Impending LADWP Rate Increase Even More Reason to Go Solar

The downside to getting your energy from the city? You have to deal with rate changes that you can't do anything about. LADWP customers are going to find this out shortly as they've requested a rate increase of about 3% each year for five years. If you use more water and power? You'll end up paying more. If you use less, you end up paying a little less, but, either way, it's still an increase.

What are the reasons for this increase? We'd thought you'd never ask...

There are various principles on which the LADWP is basing this 5-year rate increase, including:

  1. Improving customer service
  2. Keeping rates competitive
  3. Replacing aging water and power infrastructure
  4. Transforming water and power supplies

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Time to Think About Solar

While LADWP rates are still remain among the lowest in California, a five year increase is still tough to swallow. Fortunately, you do have options.

If you have been considering going solar, this would be the perfect opportunity to seriously look into it. While maximum electric production of a solar installation depends on various factors, including available space (roof and/or ground), shading, and roof layout, in most cases, going solar will cover the entire cost of electricity. No more electricity bill! Yes, it may be a bigger financial investment up-front, but you'll eventually get back what you invest, plus more.

A Free Quote Never Hurt Anyone

Because it is a financial investment, going solar is not an easy decision, but being well-informed is the first step. At Solar Optimum, we are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about taking your Southern California home solar. Just give us a call at (800) 552-9970.