Solar Panels Can Run the World

solarworldWe're very excited at Solar Optimum. MIT recently conducted a study that shows that it is possible for solar panels to produce enough power to replace fossil fuels! This is groundbreaking because, while the industry has always believed it was possible, there wasn’t much concrete evidence to support it. Now, thanks to the MIT Energy Initiative, we have it.

About the MIT Energy Initiative’s Study

According to the 332-page report, the solar panels we currently use can produce the number of terawatts needed by 2050 to power the world. (Just so you know, one terawatt equals 1,000,000 megawatts.)

The report goes on to say that while the solar panel industry will continue to work on ways to make them more efficient, the ones that are now available will be enough. This is fantastic news because it means if we already have what it takes, then any improvements will just make it even more possible and probably produce more than what we need.

What’s Slowing Down the Switch to Solar?

Many people continue to believe solar power is too expensive for them. They focus on the initial costs, rather than on the long term savings. Truth be told, the cost of solar panels have decreased significantly. They are no longer a luxury, but instead, a viable investment.

Contact our team at Solar Optimum for a free quote on installing solar panels for your Southern California home or business. We can even help you figure out the cost savings you’ll see over the next few years. Together, we can help the world embrace solar power to turn it into the world’s main source of energy!