First Ever Solar Bike Path Opens in the Netherlands

It’s amazing what can be done with solar. Around the world, people are discovering many new ways to use solar energy. In the Netherlands, researchers have been able to construct a solar powered bike path. This is a commuter path that opened week, and many people are excited about it. solar-bike-path

What the Path Is Made Of?

The path has embedded solar cells. They are made out of crystalline silicon and have two layers of tempered glass on top of it. It’s translucent, so the sun can get to it. It repels dirt since that would block the sun’s rays.

The goal of this path isn’t just to give people who love riding their bikes something new, but to transfer the concept to streets someday. It’s hoped that streets can generate solar power someday. This could produce a large amount of energy without having a negative impact to fragile ecosystems, as we have seen with some large-scale solar arrays.

The Organization Beyond the New Path

SolaRoad is responsible for this major advancement in solar energy. The organization is made up of the research group TNO and the North Holland government. While they are the first to have a solar bike path open, the U.S. is also researching ways to make a solar street. Idaho has a project called Solar Roadways seeking to extend the power of solar streets. They want to be able to use LED lights and heat from the solar energy off the street.

As you can see solar energy is becoming more useful across the world. If you’ve been considering solar power for your home, now is the time to seek more information to make a decision. Contact us today at (800) 552-9970 to learn about how we can install solar panels on your home or office building’s roof to save money and the environment.