Velid Cosic

Senior Construction Manager

Velid Cosic: Senior Construction Manager

Velid Cosic: Senior Construction Manager

Like a number of Solar Optimum employees, Velid Cosic’s journey to become the Company’s Senior Construction Manager started far from California.  As a young man, he studied architectural, electrical engineering and building construction in the former Yugoslavia.  When the opportunity presented itself nearly 20-years ago, Velid, his wife Amela, and their two young daughters, integrated to the United States.  Due to their extemporary skill sets and educational backgrounds, their path to American citizenship was expeditious.

Velid’s career in the electrical field began around the turn of the century, while working at Bergelectric Corporation.  For almost a decade, he worked on both industrial and commercial job sites in California and Florida.  During that time, he attended Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) School to become a licensed electrician in the state of California.

For his hard work in 2003, Velid was honored with a certificate of recognition from the California State Senate, as well as recognized for outstanding achievement by the ABC.

In 2010, Velid attended contractor’s license school and obtained a C-10 license.  A year later, he joined Martifer Solar Los Angeles as their Senior Construction Manager, where he managed, supervised, and led numerous solar construction projects — from smaller-sized jobs to big commercial solar projects throughout the country.

After parting ways with Martifer, Velid joined Solar Optimum, where he continues to bring his industrious, award-winning management skills to every project he undertakes.  “I enjoy working for our CEO Arno Aghamalian,” he notes. “Arno inspires, empowers and encourages his people to do their best work.  He has created a company atmosphere in which the sky is the limit, if only you work hard and do your best.”

Since joining Solar Optimum in 2015, Velid has taken immense pride in being part of a successful, burgeoning company with all the inevitable growing pains that come with the pursuit of excellence.  Those pains are just opportunities waiting for solutions, he says.  Velid’s reputation is that of getting each job done —  and done right.

Around the office, Velid is well-known for his love and enthusiasm for Formula One racing.  Sunday during the racing season, he never misses a race.  What might still be a secret to some, is that Velid helped pay his way through school as a professional musician, playing piano and guitar in a band that specialized in popular music and rock 'n' roll.  Even today, Velid and his daughters, who are also musicians, occasionally “take five” for a jam session.