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Spring is here and the Summer is just around the corner. What does this mean for homeowners like you and their utility bills? It means your electricity bill during the summers months could easily increase 50 to 80% more than a non-summer month.

Solar Optimum, California's award-winning* solar provider, is now offering TWO INCREDIBLE SOLAR DEALS for homeowners looking to save money by going solar.

For a limited time only (through April 30), choose from one of the following offers...


Whether you choose Panasonic or LG solar panels, rest assured you're getting a world-class solar system in design, engineering and manufacturing. Two industry-leading brands that deliver optimal performance and Solar Optimum's comprehensive warranty on these solar systems include:

  • 25-Year Warranty on Panels

  • 25-Year Warranty on Inverters

  • 25-Year Warranty on Workmanship

  • 25-Year Warranty on Roofing

  • 25-Year Warranty on Racking

  • And 25-Year Warranty on Performance Guarantee

These are limited-time only specials so contact a Solar Optimum representative today by calling 818-745-1494 or complete the form below.

Offer ends 04/30/19


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