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Financing Solar Panels


Our team at Solar Optimum is well versed when it comes to helping homeowners, businesses, government and non-profit clients visualize the big picture and see the balance between energy savings and cash flow.  That’s why we offer financing options and help you qualify for all the newest and existing programs and rebates to fit your financial needs.  If you want to hold on to your cash, we've made it easy to take advantage of the financing options and opportunities available.

Installing your own solar energy system may qualify you or your company for a federal tax credit to balance the cost of the system. Combined with potential state and utility rebates, the net cost for a solar system can be significantly below the actual cost.

For instance, the California Solar Initiative (CSI) offers cash back for going solar.  Depending on the utility, rebates can range from 10 to 20% for the entire cost.  And, the Federal Government is heavily involved in helping America become energy independent.  To encourage homeowners in adopting renewable energy, a 30% Federal Tax Credit is issued to such participants.

What's more, customers anticipating a utility rebate won't be burdened with a final payment to us.  Solar Optimum will defer costs and apply the rebate even before it has been approved.  This way, our customers can shine immediately with solar — while we await the rebate.

Financing is just one of the many aspects in which our team of Solar Optimum experts can turn your solar energy goal into reality.