POWERHOUSE Solution is Solar Optimum’s all-inclusive home energy system that provides homeowners with energy peace of mind.

POWERHOUSE Solution combines Solar Optimum’s expertise with the unrivaled technology of home battery-storage leaders like Tesla Powerwall to produce more energy savings than ever before for homeowners.

POWERHOUSE Solution includes solar panels, an inverter, and a battery-storage unit.  The solar panels absorb energy from the sun during the day, which charges your battery.  At night, during a blackout or brownout, or in the event of a natural disaster, your home will draw power from the system's battery.

Solar Optimum’s POWERHOUSE Solution increases the efficiency of your solar system with a range of energy backup electricity solutions — even going off the grid.

  • Emergency Backup

Solar Optimum’s POWERHOUSE Solution allow your home to use its solar-generated electricity during an outage.  Whether it’s an unforeseen brownout, blackout or natural disaster, rest assured that POWERHOUSE Solution can power your home with an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

  • Solar Electricity by Night

To bridge the gap between peak solar and peak demand, POWERHOUSE Solution stores away energy generated during the day, then makes that that electricity readily available at night or when you need them.

  • Let’s Go Net Zero

POWERHOUSE Solution can power your home independently from the grid. When your home produces more energy than it consumes and is still connected to the utility grid during times of high demand, this is a net zero energy rating.



Solar Optimum’s comprehensive POWERHOUSE Solution includes Tesla Powerwall.

Powerwall is the leading solar battery storage option that efficiently accumulates the energy collected by the system’s solar panels during daylight or from the grid during periods when power rates are down. Powerwall can run your home at night, during a blackout, or in a time of crisis when the grid is unavailable. POWERHOUSE Solution provides homeowners an automated system independent from the grid and the safety and assurance of energy backup.



The battery unit is continuously charged by solar panels when the sun is out ⏤ or from the utility grid when rates are low.



An electrical panel (also known as a distribution board, panelboard, or breaker panel) is found in most households.  As part of any home’s electric system, the electrical panel divides power into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit.  Electricity to the electrical panel comes from the inverter.


Solar Panels convert sunlight into electricity that powers a home during the day, as well as charges the battery unit.  Without input from the solar panels, the battery unit is able to minimize time-of-use power tolls by adapting energy consumption in the homeowner’s favor.



An inverter is the heart of the POWERHOUSE Solution, converting direct-current electricity (DC) from the solar panels, utility grid, or battery unit, into alternating current (AC) that can be used to power a home.

Tesla Energy has identified Solar Optimum as “best-in-class” to deliver exceptional customer experiences for Tesla’s Powerwall.  Solar Optimum joins a select group of national and Californian solar-energy providers to be a Certified Dealer and Installer of Tesla Home Battery.



  • In daylight, POWERHOUSE Solution solar panels power your home and store away the surplus energy into the system’s battery.
  • At night, during a blackout, in a time of crisis, or any time the grid is unavailable, POWERHOUSE Solution makes energy available for your household appliances.


  • An all-inclusive energy system, POWERHOUSE Solution helps homeowners save money by using the electricity that the system generates and stores on a daily basis.
  • The benefits of being connected to the grid remain, but dependence on utility companies is reduced.
  • POWERHOUSE Solution ensures predictable energy savings — in addition to energy peace of mind.


From attaining permits to installing each component, Solar Optimum handles it all.

After an in-home consultation, our Local Experts at Solar Optimum will design your POWERHOUSE Solution — a system that will transform your residence into an energy “POWERHOUSE”.


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