When Fees Send Your Utility Bill Skyward, Bring Them Back to Earth with Solar Power.

Considering that Southern California Edison (SCE) customers pay among the highest rates for power in the nation, you’d think that more of them would embrace the great bill equalizer that is solar power.  After all, when was the last time you really took a good look at your OWN Edison bill?  We encourage you to check out some of SCE’s fees on your most recent bill that you may not have noticed before, including:

  • A charge for being a “good customer.”  No volume discount here.  The more power you use, the higher you pay per kilowatt-hour!
  • You pay toward “public purpose programs” that supplement homeowners in your community who can’t pick up their own electric tab.
  • Someone has to help pay for “nuclear power plant commissioning.”  SCE believes that that someone is you!
  • SCE is funding a solar power plant; and guess what?  You’re helping pay for it!  When it’s built, they plan to charge you again to use it.  Can you say “double dip”?
  • SCE has “wind & solar projects” in the works.  They’re costly ventures being financed at your expense via a “new generation systems” charge.

While the average consumer can’t do much about SCE’s extra fees and charges, there’s one sure-fire way to offset them:  add a solar-energy system and battery storage from Solar Optimum!

In fact, the comparison in bills between an SCE customer with solar — and one who has yet to go solar — can be worth hundreds of dollars per month.

Join the solar revolution today and let the Local Experts at Solar Optimum show you how to achieve true “energy peace of mind” by joining the solar revolution — and bring your utility bill back to Earth.




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