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Going solar is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Solar power not only pays for itself and helps improve the quality of the environment, it increases the value of your home. Years of savings through Solar Optimum can start with little to no upfront costs. And now that solar costs less than traditional power in most communities, we offer financing options to fit every budget. We can make your energy investment for your home easy and affordable. In fact, we'll be at your service every step of the way.

Solar Optimum presents an energy-efficient solar system with Panasonic Solar, LG Solar, and Enphase Micro inverters!


You can also pair up your solar system by adding Tesla Powerwall 2.0 home battery back-up that will protect your home from unannounced black outs and natural disasters. Tesla Powerwall battery back-up designed to safeguard your home and protect your family.


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“My husband and I were extremely happy with the entire process of going solar with Solar Optimum. We had actually signed with another company, but the price was so outrageous that we backed out and researched others and found Solar Optimum. The whole process went extremely smooth. All the paperwork was submitted for rebates and it truly was a great experience. Our electric bills are much lower and that makes us happy!”

R K. ~ Northridge, CA


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Solar Optimum has numerous residential home installations in California

Below are three examples of solar projects.

Burbank Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA

Project Details

Total System Size: 19.8 kW
Number of Solar Panels: 60
Panel Brand: LG 330
Inverter: Enphase IQ7+
Racking: Unirac
Home Battery: Tesla Powerwall
Electric Bill Before: $396 per month
Electric Bill After: $36 per month

Tulsa St, Chatsworth, CA

Project Details

Total System Size: 9.24 kW
Number of Solar Panels: 28
Panel Brand: Panasonic 330
Inverter: Enphase IQ7X
Racking: Unirac
Electric Bill Before: $235 per month
Electric Bill After: $20 per month

Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA

Project Details

Total System Size: 10.8 kW
Number of Solar Panels: 30
Panel Brand: LG 360
Inverter: Enphase IQ7+
Racking: Unirac
Home Battery: Tesla Powerwall
Electric Bill Before: $248 per month
Electric Bill After: $27 per month


The Best Solar Panel Warranty


Unlike other solar installers who use “soft” numbers to tell customers what their PV system could generate if their home meets very specific conditions, Solar Optimum is as transparent as the daylight. We stand behind our PV installation-- 100 percent. That’s why we’re pleased to announce our 25-Year Performance Guarantee.

At Solar Optimum, we stand by our word—- and more importantly, we deliver as promised. Your solar system was designed and engineered to over-produce and over-produce it will.

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