Gene Okun: Commercial Sales Manager

Gene Okun: Commercial Sales Manager

Throughout his career as an experienced energy developer and solar advocate, Gene Okun has flexed his muscles to achieve extraordinary results over the course of his prolific 20-year career.

A veteran of the solar industry with extensive experience in carbon offset valuations and risk, Gene specializes in energy project development of solar, microgrid, and cogeneration for all solar and microgrid systems ranging from residential projects to multi megawatt projects.

In his pivotal role developing solar energy projects for Solar Optimum’s Commercial Sales division, Gene employs his strategic expertise and years of business leadership into the development and application of renewable energy sources, transforming opportunities into innovative, practical and impactive sustainable designs.

Gene attained his formal electrical training at Mid Florida Tech in Orlando, Florida, and he has a Bachelor’s degree from University of Central Florida. What’s more, his resume includes crucial hand on experience working on myriad commercial and residential solar energy construction projects.

His background is impressive and includes being owner-operator of Microgrid Energy, which focuses on microgrid energy generation project development related to design, engineering, financing, monitoring, maintaining, and cleaning of advanced microgrids; Solar & Co-Gen Power Generation Manager for EnPro, an energy services contractor; United States Western Regional Manager and Ontario Canadian developer for Advanced Green Technologies (AGT); founder and president of International Solar Consulting, where he spent a decade engaging Fortune 500 companies in commercial and industrial renewable-energy systems both here and abroad, working with customers by combining onsite evaluation, demand requirements, and financial capabilities to help provide complete sustainable solutions.

Principle and founding member of New York based CRD Analytics (NASDAQ ticker symbol “QCRD”), Gene helped create the first-ever true Global Sustainability Index used to assess risk and overall public company performance making sustainability investable; providing captains of industry with the tools to shape sustainability strategies simultaneously while creating and improving shareholder value and share performance. The sustainability index is being used around the world to develop financial products by large financial firms and fund managers around the world.

Gene’s key to life and success is living an active, healthful lifestyle.  In fact, his past includes a turn as a competitive body builder and power-lifter; he’s also owned and operated several successful health and wellness enterprises.  He credits his success to loving what he does for a living, consistency, fitness and competitive spirit, which goes hand in hand with his belief that “when you take care of yourself — you’re at your best to serve the needs of others.”

Gene also has a strong opinion of his current family at Solar Optimum.  “Our CEO, Arno, has brought together a well-seasoned group of industry veterans — people at the top of their field — who all have a common goal and a sense of pride that resonates with customers and our family of employees alike.”