How to Find San Diego Solar Companies that Offer the Best Cost-Saving Deals

San Diego Solar Companies

San Diego has won best city in America multiple times for its pristine beaches, characteristic neighborhoods, craft breweries, top restaurants, year-around ideal climate, and tons of sunshine. The last point also makes San Diego an ideal city for homeowners to invest in solar panels, as the ability to save money on your utility bills will be well above the national average in a city that gets an abundance of sun all year long. This article is intended to help homeowners find the best San Diego solar companies in the city that give buyers the most savings and best deals on a new solar system. 

The Best San Diego Solar Companies Offer Superior Warranties

According to multiple surveys taken at green energy trade shows, the number one thing residential property owners look for in San Diego solar companies is a good, comprehensive warranty. Most buyers look for a warranty with a minimum of 10 years. They seem to think a decade is long enough. But in actuality, it isn’t. The average homeowner retains their home for an average of 20 years. Therefore, good solar panel warranties will cover the average time one stays in their home, with a few extra years tacked on. This is important because it means that, if indeed someone stays in their home for 20 years before upsizing or downsizing, the solar panel warranty will still cover the equipment and roll over onto the home’s next owner. This helps increase the resale value of your home and makes it stand out from other listings. 

Top San Diego solar companies will also offer warranties that cover absolutely everything necessary, and not just the panels alone, which is a poor deal for buyers. Look for San Diego solar panel companies that cover everything else that could be impacted from installing solar panels, such as racking, the roof, performance guarantee, the inverter, and workmanship. The last thing you need is for a leaking roof to cause severe rot and damage to your home’s frame, as well as a mold invasion that can’t be detected until the roof actually starts leaking water into the home where the issue becomes apparent. Without solar panel warranties covering roof damage, you could be stuck paying thousands of dollars in repairs. When seeking San Diego solar panel companies, make sure they offer a thorough warranty that covers everything that’s important, with a minimum 25-year coverage period. 

The Best San Diego Solar Companies Offer Free Estimates and Savings Forecasts

Before you invest in a solar system, you clearly want to know the final cost after rebates and tax credits, how much you can expect to save, and how long it should take for you to pay off the system. The best San Diego solar companies will come out to your home, walk the property, analyze your past utility bills, look at the various solar panel systems and their wattage, and give you an accurate forecast on how much lower your bills will be, how long it will take to pay off the solar system in savings to your energy bill, and they will help you qualify for all the various rebates that are out there, as well as state and federal tax relief incentives to dramatically lower the cost of solar panels. 

Solar Optimum is proud to be known as one of the best San Diego solar companies in our fine city from Carlsbad to La Jolla, and from North Park to National City, we are proud to give San Diego County homeowners the best deals on solar panels, and a level of customer service that can’t be touched. Call today and let’s arrange a time to come out to your home and analyze your needs. 

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