How to Detect Value when Searching for Solar Panel Companies


It seems that California and other progressive states have dozens of solar panel companies from one end of the state to the next. But how can you really gauge value? After all, value is what matters. Clearly, more people are buying solar panels because there is proof it cuts back significantly on utility bills. People also like to reduce their carbon footprint. But at the end of the day, saving money is the number one reason why people go this route for power, and this is why finding the best solar panel companies, making a short list, and choosing the one that offers the greatest value is such an important task for homeowners to pursue. 

This article is intended to help homeowners learn how to identify value when hunting through all the various solar panel companies out there, so families can rest assured knowing they are getting the best value for their investment. 

Top Solar Panel Companies have the Best Warranties

One sure way to detect value in solar panel companies is to see what kind of warranty they offer. There are many solar panel companies out there that offer lackluster warranties and hype them up with smoke and mirrors. But this is what you need to know: the best solar panel warranty will run for at least 25 years, as more than two decades is enough time to ensure everything will run smoothly for many more decades to come. In addition, make sure the warranty covers more than just the solar panel equipment. A 25 year solar panel warranty should also cover the roof, racking, inverters, performance guarantee and workmanship. In addition, look for solar panel companies that offer warranties on all the above mentioned points that will transfer over to the next homeowner, if the house is sold within the 25 year warranty period. If you are able to locate solar panel companies that offer a warranty like this one, then you know you are getting a plethora of value. 

You can Find Value in Solar Panel Companies that have been in Business for 10 Years

There are two main reasons why finding solar panel companies that have been in business for 10 years or more helps ensure you are getting real value. First, the solar panel industry is highly competitive, and more businesses wind up going out of business than thrive. That said, when you locate solar panel companies that have remained profitable for a decade or more, you know they have been providing amazing, valuable service. In addition, solar panel companies that have been in business for 10 years or more show no sign of going out of business. And this matters because once the solar panel company that installs your system goes out of business, no other solar company can touch the panels without voiding the warranty. This is why it is paramount to find solar panel companies that show continuous growth and no sign of going out of business, and any provider that’s been in business for 10 years isn't going anywhere. 

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