What to Look for in Residential Solar Panels and the Company that Installs Them

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Installing solar panels for homes is likely the most cost effective, money-saving endeavor a household can make. Whether you own a large mansion or a modest ranch style home, installing solar panels can save families living in any home size hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year. However, in order to get maximum savings, you need to work with the best residential solar panels company, and finding one that will help you prosper, add more funds to your rainy day savings account, and enhance your lifestyle is no easy task. Here are some things to look for in a top residential solar panels company. 

How Long the Residential Solar Panels Company has Been in Business

You may not care how long the car dealership has been in business that you buy your next sedan from. After all, cars have warranties. But when you invest in solar panels for your home, ensuring they have been in business for a long time, and more importantly, that they show no signs of going out of business. This matters because when the company that installs residential solar panels closes their doors, your solar system’s warranty becomes voided as soon as another provider touches it. This means if your solar panel provider packs up, and your roof starts leaking from a faulty installation, or the panels need to be repaired, as soon as you call another company to come make those repairs, your warranty won't be effective and you must pay out of pocket. 

Look for residential solar panel companies that have been in business for at least 10 years, and that can show ongoing growth. Then you can have full faith that your residential solar panels company isn't going anywhere. 

Solar Panel Warranties Need to Be Lengthy, and Cover Everything

When looking for residential solar panels, make sure the company offers warranties that run a long time, and that provide coverage for multiple things. A large number of surveyed families located in California (and in the discovery phase of learning about residential solar panels) thought that a 10 year warranty on solar system equipment was a good deal. But it really isn't. You should look for a residential solar panels installer that offers a comprehensive 25 year warranty, as that is indeed enough time to ensure your investment will pay for itself with little chance of any complications. Also, the best solar panel warranties will cover more than the panels, but also the following:

  • Inverter

  • Workmanship

  • Racking

  • Roof

  • Performance guarantee

When searching for residential solar panels, make sure the company covers the above points in their warranties, and with a 25 year life span, and you will be well on your way to securing a great deal. 

Helping Families Financing Solar Panels

Finally, you shouldn't be the one left to do all the research when it comes to financing your residential solar panels. Instead, look for a solar panel company that helps you qualify for state and federal tax incentives, as well as any other warranties and rebates that might be out there. The best  solar panels companies help homes of all sizes save significant money, making solar panels affordable for any household. 

Make a short list of solar panels companies. Then partner with one that will help you save money by knowing how to qualify their customers, of all property sizes, for cost-saving deals on residential solar panels.

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