3 Tips for Finding San Diego Solar Companies that can Save You the Most Money


If you are searching for the best solar companies San Diego has to offer, then you are already likely aware of the cost-saving benefits solar panels give to homeowners and businesses. In fact, San Diego is one of the top places in the country for saving money on a new solar system. The city gets tons of sunlight year-around with a perfect climate for solar panels. As an existing SDG&E customer, you already know that electricity bills can be painfully high, and this factor, along with the perfect climate, motivates residents to search for the best deals San Diego solar companies offer on panels for homes and businesses. But with so many San Diego solar companies to choose from, how do you know which one truly offers the best deals and maximum savings? This article is intended to help educate buyers from North Park to Carlsbad and everywhere in between on how to identify the best solar panel companies San Diego has to offer. 

1. Look for San Diego Solar Panel Companies that Offer the Best Warranty

So what is the definition of the best solar panel warranty? First of all, it will encompass two main things: time and areas of coverage. The best solar panel warranty will have to offer a generous range of coverage areas. There are a number of San Diego solar panel companies that only offer coverage on the solar panel system itself. While this may seem reasonable to some, it is a poor guarantee. The best San Diego solar companies will give their customers the best value by offering full coverage on the following:

  • Panels

  • Inverter

  • Performance guarantee

  • Workmanship

  • Roof

  • Racking

Once you are able to find San Diego solar companies that include the above points in their warranty, you will need to ensure the time of coverage is quality. 10 years may seem perfectly fine, but much like the illusion of getting a solar panel system that only covers the equipment, this too is a poor offering. Instead, look for San Diego solar companies that offer a 25 year warranty on each of the points included here, and you will be getting an amazing deal. 

2. Time Needs to be on Your Side

When it comes to finding the best San Diego solar panel companies, the number of years the installer has been in business is extremely important when it comes to gauging value for the customer. Time needs to be on your side. The longer San Diego solar companies have been in business, the better the chance is they are going to remain in business. This matters to buyers because if the solar panel company that installs your system goes out of business, your warranty becomes void if another company tries to perform maintenance or make repairs. So make sure you only invest with San Diego solar panel companies that have been in business for at least 10 years, as any provider that has gone through the ups and downs of the solar panel market in the last decade has done so for good reason: they are a high-quality company that’s not going away. 

3. Look for San Diego Solar Panel Companies that Show You the Savings

We all know that solar panels will save you money by significantly reducing your utility bill, but by how much? And how long will it take until the solar panel cost is paid for through the money you’ve saved? And what will the final cost be after you qualify for Federal and state tax credits, as well as cut further costs with rebates? The best San Diego solar companies will help you qualify for all the tax credits and rebates, present a total investment amount, then analyze your SDG&E bills and give you a direct prediction for how much you will save, and roughly when the investment will have paid for itself.

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