How to Find the Best Solar Panels Orange County CA has to Offer


If you are a homeowner in Orange County, CA then you live in an ideal location to rake in thousands of dollars in savings by investing in solar panels. From Newport Beach to Anaheim, Orange County sees an abundance of sun and clear skies all year long and this fact, alongside the sad reality of how expensive your electricity bill can be (especially during those months when you have central air conditioning pumping away through the home), creates a no-brainer investment opportunity to embrace solar systems. The key is to find a trusted company that installs the best solar panels Orange County CA has to offer, but knowing how to identify the exceptional solar panel companies in the OC can be a time-consuming and difficult task. 

This article is to help educate homeowners in finding companies that install the best solar panels Orange County CA has available to its residents, and how to have peace of mind knowing you are making a solid investment for your family. 

The Best Solar Panels Orange County CA Offers Comes from Companies that Predict Savings

There are a number of Orange County solar panel companies that will do a free estimate and go over various options with customers on equipment. However, only the best companies selling Solar Panels Orange County CA has on the map will analyze a homeowner’s utility bills, pinpoint usage peaks, and show an actual savings prediction based on one’s utility history and the solar panels they could invest in. Keep in mind that buying solar panels is an investment designed to save homeowners (and businesses) thousands of extra dollars that can be redirected to improve your family’s lifestyle and future security. 

Solar Panel Warranties 

Finding the best deal on solar panels Orange County CA companies reward their clients with means that consumers need to know what justifies an amazing deal on solar panel warranties, and what doesn't. You may think that 10 years coverage on solar system equipment is a good deal. After all, a decade is a long time. But when you think about all the years you have ahead in your home, it is really a short time for ensuring that your solar panels will continue to function, without any unexpected disasters surfacing. That said, the best solar panel warranties will exceed a decade by more than twice the time frame, and the coverage will be broad and cover not only the equipment, but other components crucial to your home’s safety and ability to harness the sun’s power and convert it into energy. 

Look for a solar panel warranty that offers at least 25 years of coverage. Areas for coverage should include:

  • The panels themselves

  • Inverter

  • Racking

  • Performance guarantee

  • Workmanship

  • Roof

If you go through a list of solar panels Orange County CA companies and settle on one that winds up damaging your roof, it can take years for this discovery to be made. This is why a solar panels company offering warranties that cover things like your roof is so important, as all it takes is a heavy rain to cause thousands of dollars in water damage and mold problems to your home’s structure. 

Finally, make sure the solar panel company in Orange County CA has been in business for at least a decade. This demonstrates their leadership status within their industry, as thriving in this tight competitive space is challenging. And if your solar panel company ever goes out of business, your warranties become void. So take these points on board in your decision-making process, and look for a strong solar panel company serving Orange County CA that has been around for a decade, and that shows no signs of slowing down in serving their community. 

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