Why A Home Battery Should be Part of Your Earthquake Emergency Kit


Southern California recently experienced a series of major earthquakes – one of them as high as a 7.1 magnitude. Earthquakes are not a rarity in California. Along with wildfires, earthquakes are a nearly constant threat, and yet most people are not ready for the consequences they can have – electricity outage being one of them. You may not think that losing power is a serious problem, but if it’s gone for days, it quickly turns into one. A home battery combined with a solar panel system can save you from major headaches and potentially dangerous situations in the case of a natural disaster.

Earthquake Safety Tips for California Homeowners

There are certain things you can do in terms of earthquake protection to make sure you can continue your daily life safely and smoothly, should you experience another earthquake. And for homeowners, a Tesla Powerwall should be an essential part of your advanced earthquake safety kit – because a home battery can quite literally be a lifesaver.

The longer you go without power, the more dangerous and downright life threatening the situation can become. It is not much more than a nuisance to lose power for a couple of hours – but after a day or two, you will start to run out of food, and it will be hard to get your hands on clean drinking water. And for people that rely on electricity for medical equipment, an outage is very critical.

So if you’re thinking about how to protect yourself from earthquakes and the damage they do, installing a home battery as a power outage protection should be your first step. And if you want to save money and create sustainable energy, combining the battery with a solar panel system is the way to go. Not all solar panel companies are licensed Tesla Powerwall installers, though – so make sure to do your research.

Protect your home with backup power

The Tesla Powerwall collects energy and stores it so you can use it when your primary source is not working – like when an earthquake or other natural disasters causes a power outage. In other words, it serves as a type of earthquake safety in the form of a backup power system. The Tesla Powerwall protects your home and gives you peace of mind knowing that, no matter what, you can still cook dinner, watch your favorite show, or charge your phone and laptop regardless of whether the grid is up and running – or if you’re experiencing an outage. And unlike other backup solutions like generators, the Tesla Powerwall gives you efficient, silent energy that does not harm the environment.

Combine the Powerwall with solar for big savings

Not only will the Tesla Powerwall be your friend in need, it will also help you save money when partnered up with a solar system. Solar panel systems generate electricity for you, using only the rays from the sun. The panels do so independent of your utility company, reducing your monthly utility bill significantly – and they also generate surplus energy that can be stored in your powerwall for a rainy day. When partnering the Tesla Powerwall up with a solar system, both your primary and backup power systems will help reduce your carbon footprint – helping the environment as well as your green conscience.

Make sure you are prepared for the next earthquake by protecting your home with a Tesla Powerwall.

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