4 Tips to Reduce Energy Costs this Summer


Keeping the lights on and the A/C running isn’t cheap! This is especially true during the summer months when ambient temperatures reach their peak. In fact, most homes in California see the highest energy bills in July and August.

Luckily, there is plenty you can do (both big and small) to reduce energy use and lower your monthly bills this summer. Check out the tips below to get started in the right direction.

Check for Leaks and Cracks

You probably don’t realize it, but your home might be leaking cool air and making your AC work over time. There are several key areas you should check to ensure that cool air is staying where it should:

  • Windows and Doors - If your doors and windows are not sealed properly, you are probably letting a lot of cool air escape. Make sure to check these areas and ensure that they are properly sealed.

  • Appliances - Just like doors and windows, the seals on your appliances need to be tight in order to keep the cool air where it belongs. Make sure your refrigerator and freezer are not leaking air and working over time.

  • Vents and Air Ducts - Heating and cooling systems can break down over time, forming cracks and leaks. Be sure to examine your vents and air ducts to ensure they are not leaking.

Draw Your Shades

Keeping the hot air out is just as important as keeping the cool air in. In addition to making sure that all doors and windows are properly sealed, you can also keep your shades drawn during the day to keep the sunlight out.

Of course, nobody wants to live in a world of darkness so you don’t need to keep all your shades drawn. But just like lamps and lighting, if you aren’t using the room, it doesn’t need to be fully lit. Make sure to pull the shades closed when you are leaving a room to help keep your home cool during the day.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

There are all kinds of energy efficient appliances on the market that can help you save big in the long term. This includes refrigerators, water heaters, washers, dryers, and any other household appliance, really.

But you don’t have to spend a ton of money on new appliances just to save some energy. There are also some smaller purchases you can make that will have a noticeable difference. This includes:

  • Water Efficient Shower Heads - Using the right showerhead can help cut your water usage by as much as 2,700 gallons per year. Look for showerheads that are labeled as “water-efficient” and are approved by the EPA.

  • CFL and LED Light Bulbs - These types of bulbs use up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lights and last up to 25X longer. Look for the EnergyStar label.

  • Sleep Mode - Your electronics are using up power if you aren’t using them. Simply putting your computer, printer, and other appliances in “sleep mode” when they are not in use can help cut energy costs for your home.

Invest in Solar Power

Solar power is a cheaper alternative to traditional energy sources. While it may cost more upfront, the long term savings cannot be ignored. If you are spending more than $100 a month on energy costs, you might be a prime candidate for solar power.

If you’re already using solar energy, you can help your friends and family save big while earning some extra cash for yourself, as well. June is National Solar Referral Month and Solar Optimum is celebrating by rewarding our customers with $500 cash for each referral that signs with us. Learn more here.

Keep Cool and Carry On

With summer temperatures quickly approaching, we’ll all need to take some extra steps to stay cool and avoid the astronomical energy bills this season. Follow the tips above to see how much you can save!

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