Solar Optimum Offers Businesses Low Prices and High Quality through “Vertical Integration”


Harnessing the power of the sun is a strategic business move, but that’s not the only reason to look into solar systems for your business this season. With businesses paving the way for sustainable growth, there is no better time than now to go solar.

Nowadays, only a handful of solar companies are operating through “vertical integration” to serve their clients’ financial and operational needs. So, what is vertical integration?

Vertical integration enables an organization to participate in one or more key stages of the value chain. Let’s explore why choosing a vertically integrated solar company is beneficial to clients.

When solar companies control a part of the supply chain such as sales and installation as well as financing, they are less dependent on third-party suppliers. With a more streamlined process in-house, they can have reduced costs to offer a cost-competitive system and higher quality control to meet clients’ highest standards of excellence. It’s a win-win situation for the company, and especially for the customer. Clients are getting a higher solar project value with lower pricing and better quality.

Additionally, there is no need for clients to deal with multiple companies to get their solar project built; picking the type of technology and product brands, finding a reliable installer, and securing the financing. This process eliminates unnecessary delays, skyrocketing solar project costs, and comprised quality of customer service.

Founded in 2008, Solar Optimum was one of the first 10 vertically integrated solar companies in California, moving beyond installing solar panels to selling and financing entire solar systems. Being vertically integrated has allowed Solar Optimum to install more than 100 MW of solar and numerous hybrid solar plus storage projects, bringing unparalleled expertise and industry experience to each project. Solar Optimum is also a Premium EPC company, which means that it has been deemed to handle everything from A to Z: engineering, procurement, and construction. This is a good indication that customers will receive a high-quality commercial installation with Solar Optimum.

Not only is green the color of financial success — it signifies that a commercial property is environmentally responsible. Solar Optimum routinely engineers and produces systems that drive down costs while saving the planet one panel at a time. It comes as no surprise that Solar Optimum earned its position in the top 15% in the entire United States in Solar Power World’s “Top 500 Solar Contractors List”, offering best-in-class installations for over a decade.

Ara Krikorian, VP of Commercial Development at Solar Optimum, states: “Solar power is worth the investment because operating expenses are factors that every business deals with. We are among few of the solar project developers that are vertically integrated. This allows us to provide our clients with quality, care and operational efficiency, while meeting their project and organizational goals. With the average utility costs in California increasing by nearly 5% annually, Solar Optimum can put you on the road to energy independence. Our process is specifically designed to cater to the client’s desire for superior value, both short and long-term savings, and sustainability.”

Solar Optimum’s experience and vertical integration allows the company to plan for and navigate the complexities of commercial projects.

Krikorian concludes: “Making renewable projects work in the commercial sector can be complicated. It takes time and diligence to ensure the financial and operational components fit within the client’s business model. You need an experienced solar company to operate this process and meet your goals in a seamless and efficient way. For over 10 years, it has been part of our DNA to pursue excellence as innovators in the solar industry, while cherishing customer service to provide satisfaction to our hundreds of commercial clients.”

When it comes to maximizing a solar investment, timing is everything. Solar Optimum outperforms other solar PV installers that aren’t vertically integrated by providing clients with energy peace of mind, ensuring client satisfaction and providing real value so you can build a green, sustainable future for your business.

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