New and existing solar panel owners: Now is the time to insure your panels with a home battery!


Whether you are already the proud owner of a solar system on your home – or you are just considering going solar – it is worth putting some serious thought into adding a home battery to pair up or accompany the solar panels. It will serve as an insurance for your solar system, giving you “energy peace of mind” knowing that your power in your home is safe no matter what.

And if that’s not enough, there are several good reasons why California homeowners should consider investing in a home battery today:

1. If there is a power outage, you will still have electricity

There are many reasons for a potential power outage. It can be caused by extreme conditions such as storms, wildfires, strong winds knocking over trees that fall on power lines, earthquakes and lightning. Or simply by damaged cables caused by construction/digging, and high power demand during hot or cold days overburdening the cables.

When situations like those happen, your excess power stored in your home battery will kick in, making sure you can go on with your day uninterrupted. Without the battery, you will be out of luck and essentially held hostage until your utility company can get power back up and running.

2. Your business and family’s life (or lifestyle) may depend on it

Some people can’t afford to not have power. For people with special needs and electrical medical devices, and for elderly living in very hot areas, an outage can impact their health and even become life-threatening. Even some businesses that take place in the home depend on having power at all times, such as a daycare. This is why contacting the best solar panel companies and letting the rep know your specific needs is an important thing to do to ensure you will be a satisfied owner of a solar home.

3. You will never again lose money on your excess power

Your solar system can generate more power than you need – and when that happens, you can sell that surplus power to your utility company. It’s called Net Metering. And up until two years ago, the utility company would credit you the same amount for your extra power that they would sell it for – 1:1 credit. Those days are over. Today, you will still pay the same rate when buying power from the grid, but should you choose to sell your surplus power, your  utility company will now pay you less than what they charge.

With a home battery, you don’t need to sell your extra power for a less than ideal price – you can store it and keep it for a rainy day, and you will never again have to depend on the grid.

4. The battery will never be as affordable as right now

With the rise of all things sustainable – including electrical vehicles – the demand for those types of batteries are high. And with a limited worldwide supply of home batteries that can’t keep up for the foreseeable future, the prices are bound to go up[1] [2] . To avoid having to cough up all your savings, it is highly recommendable to invest in a home battery now.

5. 2019 is the last year for full financial benefits

If you already have a solar system, all you need to do is add the home battery, and you’re all set. But if you don’t have solar yet, now is the time if you want to take full advantage of the incentives available. The Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)  is dwindling – and so is the 30 percent federal tax credit. In fact, if you purchase a solar system after the December 31st deadline, you could potentially miss out on $1,000 or more in tax credit.

Ready for sustainable energy and monthly savings?

Solar Optimum has been named a premiere Tesla Powerwall Certified installer in the nation and has earned top honors as Best Solar Company in Los Angeles 6 years in a row according to the Los Angeles Daily News. Give us a call today and let us help you learn more about how a home battery can save you money – and worries.

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