What are the Best Solar Panel Warranties that Make Your System Affordable?


By now most homeowners and businesses are familiar with solar panels and the cost-saving and environmental benefits they offer. But, unfortunately, many are under the assumption that solar panel systems are too expensive and only the wealthy can afford them. This simply isn't true, and thanks to the top companies that offer the best solar panel warranties, most homeowners and businesses in any socio economic cohort can easily afford solar power. This article will help all interested buyers learn what the best types of warranties are that revolve around buying solar panels.

How Long Should Solar Panel Warranties be?

Solar panel warranties are only as good as the timeline in which they are active. There are a lot of solar panel companies out there that offer warranties good for 10 years, and though a decade of coverage may sound great, this is a weak effort at best. The best solar panel companies will offer rebates that cover time periods for more than twice this length of time. The best solar panel companies should offer warranties over 20 years. And a 25 year warranty on solar panels is exceptional.

What Should the Solar Panel Warranties Cover?

Most buyers only focus on the warranty coverage of the solar panel equipment itself. But the best solar panel warranties will cover a number of components for an equal amount of time. When you are looking at the solar panel warranties offered by different companies, be sure they cover the following:

  • Racking

  • Roof penetration

  • Performance guarantee

  • Inverter

  • Workmanship

  • Panels

Solar panel warranties are designed to help make solar panels more cost efficient and reliable. So if thousands of dollars worth of damage is done to your roof and only discovered upon the next heavy rain, or a manufacturer’s defect kicks in 15 years down the road and your ability to harness power takes a dive, you will surely eat it financially. When calling various solar panel companies to learn about their warranties, make sure these points are fully covered.

What kind of Solar panel Warranties can Become Voided?

Finally, the best solar panel warranties come from companies with a lengthy history in the business that can show ongoing growth and no sign of going out of business. The reason why company history and current growth is crucial to keep solar panel warranties from becoming void is simple: solar panel warranties become void if company goes to make repairs, adjustments or perform maintenance and was not the originating company that installed the solar system. So buying solar panels from a company that shows no signs of going out of business is important for preserving the integrity of your warranty. In fact, you won’t be able to find a reputable solar panel company willing to touch a system that was installed by a competitor.

The best solar panel warranties come from reputable companies with an established history that offer lengthy effective dates that go beyond double decades, and that cover all the bases when it comes to roof, equipment and functionality. Follow these tips, and you will enjoy the cost-saving benefits of solar panel systems with total peace of mind knowing your warranty is strong.

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