What You Need to Know to Get the Best Deal on Commercial Solar Panels


If you own a business, the concept of “commercial solar panels” might appear to be a risky investment in a market that seems confusing and highly complex. If you pay attention to business news you are probably aware that several Fortune 500 companies have gone (and are going) solar, but the thought of your company investing in solar panels for businesses just doesn't seem logical. Or you may feel you aren't ready. Perhaps your organization has a goal to install solar panels for commercial properties as soon as you feel you can afford the investment and are therefore making a sound, strategic financial decision in addition to showing some green love for the Earth.

But savvy business owners have rejected this mode of thinking and have joined the ranks of successful businesses that have discovered the affordable, cost-saving world of commercial solar panels. There are solar panel systems for businesses of all sizes; from your typical mom and pop shop on Main Street to mega retailers like Apple and Target (both have gone solar), companies of all sizes are enjoying the financial benefits that come to those who instal solar panels. This article is intended to help business owners learn more about the ease of going solar, and how to get the best deal on commercial solar panels.

Financing Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial solar panel financing is easier than it’s ever been before. At the end of the day, this is a financial decision you have to make. According to EnergySage, marketplace data reveals that the average business pays just under $2000 a month on electric bills before making the switch to solar panels. After companies installed commercial solar panels, the average bill decreased by 75 percent reducing monthly bills by an average of $500! Just as a cost-saving business investment, commercial solar panels make sense and can play a huge role in improving your bottom line.

How Much to Commercial Solar Panels Cost?

Recently, the price of commercial solar panels has dropped significantly, making them affordable for most businesses and making the incentives even more attractive. The size of solar panel systems are determined by a measurement in watts. In other words, the size is based on the amount of electricity you need to run your business. This is important to know because the cost of a solar panel system is almost always measured in dollars per watt. According to EnergySage the average cost of a commercial solar panel system is $2.87 per watt before any rebates, tax credits or other incentives are taken into account. Then you have solar panel tax credits for 2019 that enable businesses to deduct 30 percent of the entire cost of their commercial solar panels from their federal taxes, and the best part is there’s no cap on the tax credit’s value. EnergySage reports that business owners will save $5000 when they make the switch to solar power in 2019, and with the general cost of commercial solar panels having dropped so much, the Federal Solar Tax Credit makes them all the more affordable.

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