6 Warranties You Should Expect from the Best Residential Solar Panel Companies


Now more than ever before, residential solar panels are popular investments for California homeowners. While the value of investing in solar panel systems is nothing new, what is new is that residential solar panel companies now offer affordable systems thanks to tax credits and warranties they help reduce the overall costs from the total.

If you are a homeowner looking for ways to save thousands on your utilities and provide a better lifestyle for your family, this article will help you learn why now is the time to invest in residential solar panels and begin the cost-saving process that can pad your children’s college funds, have the means to take family vacations, complete those home improvement projects, and all the other things on your list that require saving money to achieve. While there is tons of information on the 30% solar panel tax credit ending this year, this article will focus on how homeowners can locate the best solar panel companies that help customers find the best solar panel rebates in California.

First Things First, How to Tell One Solar Panel Company from Another in the World of Rebates

Most residential solar panel companies offer rebates, and 9 out of 10 times these rebates are on the solar panel systems themselves.. However, very few solar panel companies offer 25-year warranties on every component that involves or is somehow connected to buying solar panels. These include:

  • Panels

  • Inverters

  • Racking

  • Workmanship

  • Roofing

  • Performance guarantee

If you spend a weekend researching the best solar panel companies from Los Angeles to San Diego, you will be hard pressed to find a solar panel company to offer ALL of these warranties under a 25-year canopy..

Residential Solar Panels and Inverters from the Best Solar Companies

Any residential solar panel company that is 100% reliable will offer all of the above warranties. First, let’s look at the panels. The best solar panel systems (brand aside) were designed to over-produce, so make sure your solar panels do just that. Also, know what to be on the lookout for. Some solar panel installers quote their customers with soft numbers when it comes to what their PV system could generate if their house meets certain conditions. Instead, look for solar panel companies that are completely transparent that stand behind their PV installation 100 percent. Also, look for a 25-year performance guarantee, as anything less will not grant the level of assurance and trust consumers deserve.

Residential Solar Panel Racking

Solar panel racking, also known as solar mounting systems and solar module racking, are used to attach on the surface of roofs, building facades or the ground to secule to solar panel systems. Most of these racking systems allow for the retrofitting of solar panels on residential (and commercial) roofs. It takes a very skilled solar panel company to install these without causing damage to a home, and that will allow the solar system to work in perfect order. This is why a 25-year warranty is essential on racking.

Workmanship, Roofing and Performance Guarantee

Again, demand a 25 year warranty on the workmanship your solar panel company performs that entails roofing and performance.. However, if you partner with a residential solar panel company with decades of experience, ironclad 25 year warranties, and customer testimony after testimony attesting to the solar panel company’s quality and reliability, you will be in excellent care making a life-changing investment.

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