13 Tustin Homeowners Switch to Solar with Solar Optimum

On Saturday February 16, 2019, Solar Optimum hosted their first open house of the year in Orange County at the Greenwood Clubhouse in Tustin, CA. Head of Marketing and Communications, Rainier de Ocampo, and the rest of the team organized this event as a ‘Thank You’ to Tustin homeowners for choosing Solar Optimum as their solar power provider. The open house also welcomed homeowners interested in learning more about solar energy.

Emmitt Summers, Vice President of Residential Development, who oversees residential projects for the company declared, “This community of Tustin homeowners made the decision to go solar together. It was a group effort to get solar installed in each of their homes. They were supportive of each other making this decision and did their research beforehand together. Throughout my 12+ years working in the solar industry, I have never seen such a supportive community switching to solar together in this capacity. It’s quite remarkable.” Solar panels and converters were installed on 13 homes in this single community alone.

Tustin homeowner, Susan, who researched several solar options on behalf of the other homeowners in the neighborhood said, “Great value was what we were looking for mostly. I personally knew I wanted Panasonic panels and inverters specifically. That, plus Solar Optimum’s excellent customer service made it an easy decision to choose them at the end.”

Making the decision to switch to solar was very important, especially for those with families seeking to reduce their energy costs. Tustin homeowner and father of two, Adrian, said, “I initially became interested in solar because I wanted to save money on electricity. Solar Optimum had the best pricing out of all the companies. I would definitely refer them to family and friends looking to make the switch.”

Although most homeowners tend to switch to solar to save on their monthly electric bill, many also want to make a conscious effort of going green where they can. For example, Tustin homeowner, Keith, stated, “I needed an efficient way to get energy that was also good for the environment. With the combination of the great service, pricing, and referrals from neighbors, the solution that Solar Optimum was providing was exactly what we were looking for.”

There are an endless amount of benefits that come with going solar as mentioned by many solar clients. The homeowners in Tustin each had different reasons as to why they decided to make the switch- whether that be to contribute to global change by finding an alternative solution to efficient power, or just simply wanting to save money off of their monthly electricity bill.

The open house even welcomed those who were curious to learn more about solar energy like Tustin resident Bruce, who stated, “Going solar has seemed to be a trend with the neighbors and they seem satisfied with their decision. Summers are expensive here with the electric costs and I just want to find an environment-friendly solution that will save me money in the long run. From what I’ve researched, Solar Optimum offers a lot more value and better overall quality in their equipment than other competitors.”

We thank the residents of Tustin, CA for their trust and for allowing us the opportunity to meet their solar energy needs! For a closer view of their residential solar installations using video drone footage, testimonial interviews, and highlights from the event, click here.

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