2 Big Things the Top Solar Companies Have in Common

Searching for the top solar companies is a time-consuming, yet crucial first-step before homeowners and businesses can make a  smart investment in solar panels. While any good business, despite its industry, will offer their clients competitive pricing and outstanding customer service, finding the top solar panel companies poses another set of challenges.

For starters, people who want to make the best buy and maximize their investment’s return should start by doing some research into the world of solar energy, and the companies that install and service the solar systems. But this task is easier said than done. This is why Solar Optimum is proud to offer tips to homeowners who are thinking very seriously about using renewable energy through solar panels as a way to power their homes, and help them identify the signs of great solar companies so buyers can differentiate between reliable solar providers and subpar companies that don’t offer the same value or quality products.  

1. Top Solar Companies Have a Proud History with Clear Growth Signs

When searching for top solar companies, the first thing you will want to look at is their track record (namely their history in business). If they have been in business for a decade operating from a physical comercial address with a name and positive reputation known throughout the industry, you are off to a good start. Why is this important, you may ask? Because in order for your warranty to remain in good standing, the same solar panel company that installed your solar system must be around and capable of making any needed repairs of adjustments. Solar panel companies go out of business all the time because they lack the ability to compete in an aggressive market. In fact, research proves that many new solar companies fold in their first three years in business. So it is imperative you work with someone who has been around for at least 10 years, and who has no sign of having to close shop.

This is why you want inquire about the company’s growth plan. The best solar panel companies are customer-centric, offer competitive pricing, help their customers finance solar systems, and have an impressive portfolio of reviews of providing exceptional service to clients of all types. Avoid working with the “Chuck in the Truck” company--the guy who operates out of his van and has no stability in his ability to run a business. You may be tempted to fall prey to the lower sticker price, but when working with top solar companies who are real industry players, you will find a lower price once they help you with financing, tax credits, and rebates--things that almost always cost homeowners significantly less money without sacrificing on quality. Important takeaway from all of this: Your warranty remains intact because the solar company who installed it is still in business.

2. Top Solar Companies Stand by their Word

Unfortunately, some solar panel companies use smoke and mirrors to hide things and then use context and situational logic to cover their tracks. Solar panel providers are already fully aware of all the components that play into final cost and efficiency metrics. However, the top solar companies are completely transparent and let their clients know the pros and cons of all solar solutions. This goes hand-in-hand with educating the customer so they can make an informed decision that will help them reach their energy goals for saving money and improving their lifestyle.

You Deserve the best Deal, so Seek the Best Solar Companies

Sure, working with a solar power company with a team you like is important. But when it comes to protecting and maximizing your ROI, these are the single two most important things to look for in identifying the best solar companies. And take it from us, they will have these two things in common.

Solar Optimum