Solar Optimum is the first among solar panel companies in California to become a Platinum-certified installer by Unirac.


A big unveiling took place at Solar Power International (SPI) in Salt Lake City, Utah last month: The solar raking veteran and pioneer, Unirac, launched the very first solar racking certification program ever seen in the solar industry. The purpose of the program is to recognize the best solar installers in the country by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to differentiate themselves from other installers – and bringing significant benefits to their customers.

The program consists of three tiers: Certified, Certified Gold and Certified Platinum. Solar Optimum was awarded a Platinum certification – and they are the very first solar company on the US west coast to earn this tier of certification.

A thorough vetting process

In order to be considered as a certified Unirac installer, there is a list of requirements the solar panel companies have to meet. The requirements are based on Unirac’s mission “Better Solar Starts Here” and consists of components such as customer satisfaction measured by Better Business Bureau, the number of years the installer has been in business, the quality of their work as well as the highest safety standards. 

All three tiers of the program have significant benefits that are important to consider when you are looking to buy solar panels and want to work with only the best installers. The hand-selected solar companies will receive co-branded marketing materials and tools to help grow their business as well as be able to provide the best customer service – as well as thorough training to make sure they are always at the top of their game. But what sets the Platinum-certified installers apart, is that they are now able to offer extended warranties for homeowners that covers the cost of labor. 

Sales and Marketing Program Manager, Unirac, Karen Paramanandam, is excited to have Solar Optimum on the very exclusive list of Platinum-certified installers:

“They are such good partners”, she said. “Solar Optimum always strive to be better and find ways to set themselves apart from the rest. They were one of the first to latch on to this idea and help make it grow. They see the full value of it and how it can help differentiate them in the California market”, Paramanandam concludes. 

What does this mean for homeowners interested in buying solar panels?


The Platinum certification is a quality stamp for the solar company – and a guide to the homeowners, when they are researching solar companies. The certification means that the company is exceeding expectations by living up to the high standards set by Unirac for the program. Something CEO of Solar Optimum Arno Aghamalian, does not take lightly:

“We are proud to be a Unirac Premium Certified installer. We consider this designation a key differentiator and a brand-enhancing certification because it recognizes Solar Optimum as a premium solar panel company with the best quality record and the most longevity – something we’ve worked very hard to achieve”, said Aghamalian.

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