How to Identify the Best Solar Companies in Los Angeles


With more than four million people in Los Angeles nestled within the 19th largest economy in the world, it’s hard enough to find an auto transmission shop that won't take advantage of you. 

Then you get into a popular niche where the stakes are higher, like solar panel systems, and trying to find the best solar companies in Los Angeles that offer affordable, high-quality solutions that meet all of your needs can feel like you are about to participate in a grand pilgrimage. 

Homeowners in Los Angeles need to do their research even before setting off to find a solar panel company in LA to do business with, as they need to get a better understanding of their own needs, how solar panels can provide solutions, and what to look for to ensure they get the best deals. This article is intended to help homeowners in Los Angeles learn how investing in solar panels will improve their life, and how to find an ideal company that will give them the maximum benefits.

Why are the Best Solar Companies in Los Angeles in High Demand?

Los Angeles County covers more than 4700 square miles, is one of the most expensive cities in the country for electricity use, and it gets year-round sun making it an ideal setting for homeowners to invest in solar panel systems. And with a population of more than 10 million people living in the county (roughly a fourth of the entire state’s population), it comes as no surprise that people want to do business with the best solar companies in Los Angeles and many will even wait if they are booked for months to come. More than 92 percent of solar customers state that saving money is their main reasons for going solar. That said, if homeowners know they can get better deals from the best solar companies in Los Angeles, they are willing to wait because the savings fully justify it.

Saving Money Begins with Warranties

When looking for the best solar companies in Los Angeles, warranties are everything. However, they can be deceiving and many solar providers are guilty of passing off poor solar panel warranties as being favorable ones. First of all, don’t invest in solar panels that have a warranty less than 25 years. According to multiple surveys, most people in LA spend an average of 20 years in their home before moving on to the next one. If your solar panel warranty expires before you move, then you are already facing a financial loss in your investment. However, a 25 year solar warranty is a golden investment because not only will it live through the entire time you spend in your home, but it will also roll over on to the next owner thus increasing the home’s resale value. 

How Long have the Best Solar Companies in Los Angeles Been in Business?

One sure way to locate the best solar companies in Los Angeles is to find one that has been in business for a long time--specifically 10 or more years. This may not seem like an important thing to focus on, but indeed it is. Solar companies in Los Angeles fight to survive in a very competitive, fierce market. If they don't offer the best customer service and the greatest savings, they go out of business. In fact, hundreds of solar providers have been forced to close their doors in the last 5 years. This is bad for their customers because if your solar company goes out of business, you will be forced to call another provider to make repairs or perform maintenance, and if another company so much as touches your solar system, its warranty becomes void leaving you with no coverage. 

Call Solar Optimum for a Free Estimate

Solar Optimum has been in business for more than a decade offering high-quality solar systems with the best warranties in the industry. Our specialists will even help you qualify for Federal and state tax credits, and we will come to your home to analyze your utility bill, assess your property, and present a system with an estimated time for how long it will take for your investment to pay for itself. We have a reputation in the city for being at the top of the list when it comes to the best solar companies in Los Angeles, because we partner with our customers, like they are family, to ensure all of their needs will be met, financial or otherwise.

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