What Northern California Homeowners Need to Know Before they Buy Solar Panels

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Northern California may get the occasional rain, but most of the time it gets an abundance of sunshine. In addition, regions stretching from San Jose to San Francisco and all the way up to Redding are known for dishing out expensive utility bills. Add these things up and you have the perfect atmosphere for buying solar panels from a high quality solar panel company in order to save your family thousands of dollars each year on your energy bill, while playing your part in reducing our carbon footprint.

However, buying solar panels requires homeowners to have a firm grasp of their needs, and the savings they are likely to acquire. This means Northern California homeowners need to partner with a trusted solar panel company that truly helps their customers save money while setting them on the path to improve their lifestyle, live a green life, and rake in all benefits from going solar.  

Northern California has a number of solar companies, and some are not as reputable as others. Therefore, this article is intended to help homeowners north of the central valley make educated purchasing decisions when researching companies when they go to buy solar panels from a reputable brand. 

Buy Solar Panels from a Northern California Solar Company that’s Been in Business for 10 Years or More

You may not think that time matters when it comes to how long the company has been in business, but it does. When any solar panel company in Northern California (and across the state for that matter) makes repairs or initiates maintenance to your home’s solar panel system, and they were not the original installer, a warranty becomes void. 

Solar panel providers in Northern California drop like flies business because the industry in our region is saturated, and the competition to provide the greatest savings and best service forces low-quality companies to throw in the towel. That said, Northern California homeowners need to buy solar panels from a trusted provider that has been in business for a decade, as this proves the company shows no sign of ever closing their doors to their communities. 

Pay Attention to Solar Panel Warranties

Solar panel warranties are a dime a dozen around the Northern California market, but many are a waste of time and your investment. For example, many homebuyers from the Bay Area are under the assumption that a 10 year warranty that protects 100% of the solar panel equipment is a superb deal. But in actuality this is a kick in the pants. Here’s why: for starters, the typical homeowner in Northern California lives an average of 10 years in a home before selling it in order to move into their next house. Therefore a decade-long warranty is worth the paper it’s written on.  Instead, look for a solar panel warranty in Northern California that runs for 25-years or more. You also need to be aware that the top solar panel warranties in Northern California cover far more than just the solar panels. The warranty will also protect your inverter, racking,  roof, include a performance guarantee, and cover the workmanship. 

Buy Your Home’s Solar Panels from Solar Optimum!

Solar Optimum has been teaming up with families throughout California for more than 10 years. We are passionate about helping families save money so they can pad their kid’s college fund, take more family vacations, and afford that boat for weekend getaways. Let our knowledgeable team help you qualify for the best tax credits, and allow our specialist to visit your home for a free estimate. We can go over your utility bills, predict your savings, and outfit your home with an affordable solar panel system that will help you save thousands of dollars while taking some pressure off the shoulders of Mother Nature. Call today!

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