Sunny California Pioneers as First State to Require Solar Power in Homes

As the nation’s leader in solar power, California has already put the sun’s power to good work for the past decade. Last Wednesday marked yet another milestone for the state, brightening up future developments (1).

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The Building Standards Commission unanimously approved the May provision that will require all new California homes built after 2020 to be solar-powered, paving the way for greener homes. On average, about 80,000 homes are built in California each year, enabling the state to do its part by helping Californians generate their own clean energy.

So how does this make going solar the smartest investment for your home, family and the environment?

Energy officials estimate that the $10,000 in upfront costs of solar panel installation will be generously offset by $19,000 in savings through lower utility bills over 30 years. This translates to roughly paying $40 more per month for an average home, but saving $80 in monthly heating, cooling and lighting bills (2) while potentially increasing your home’s property value by 3 to 4 percent (3). This decision is also expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an amount equivalent to taking 115,000 fossil fuel cars off the road.

Emmitt Summers, Vice President of Residential Development, states: “This decision brings to light both California’s environmental and economic efforts. Going solar is not only the right thing to do for our planet, it’s financially smart.” Summers explains: “For over a decade, Solar Optimum has been working on an exemplary track record of successful solar power projects, and these types of eco-friendly decisions enable us to help thousands of homeowners save green by going green.”

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