At Solar Optimum, we stand and deliver. Unlike other solar installers who use “soft” numbers to tell customers what their PV system could generate if their home meets very specific conditions, Solar Optimum is as transparent as the daylight. We stand behind our PV installation-- 100 percent. That’s why we’re pleased to announce our Performance Guarantee.

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In order to be precise about how much clean energy your home can generate, Solar Optimum uses the industry’s most trusted and leading-edge tools to not only design your system but to also analyze and monitor your home’s energy potential. And unlike other solar companies, we’ll guarantee this AND put it in writing before giving us your full commitment to go solar.

What does a Performance Guarantee mean for you? If your solar system over-performs, the savings are yours to keep. But if your system falls under our production estimates, we’ll resolve the issue immediately and compensate you one-year from the anniversary of your system’s commissioning date.

Over the last 10 years, there’s a reason why Solar Optimum has been known for being the Local Experts, developing Real Relationships and delivering Honest Talk to our customers. It’s because we take the worries from you and cover you if your system under-delivers. Our trusted team of experts will provide real-time monitoring to give you energy peace of mind with your PV installation.

So in the event of a power or service interruption, you’re covered! Solar Optimum integrates cell-based monitoring into your energy system that’s better and more reliable than Wi-Fi. We use this device at our Fleet Management department to monitor and ensure that potential issues can be corrected before you even know about them.

Warranty Transfers. We Keep It Real.

Solar Optimum goes above and beyond with our Performance Guarantee, especially when it comes to a warranty transfer. The warranties provided to you are transferable. Most solar companies only give the warranty to the original purchaser of the solar system. In these cases, if you sell your home, the new homeowner does not enjoy the solar system warranty coverage.

Not at Solar Optimum. If the owner sells the home with our solar system installed, the warranty transfers to the new homeowners so they too can continue enjoying the warranty benefits of a clean energy home and savings.

How does Solar Optimum’s Performance Guarantee differ from the rest? 

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