California Takes Another Leap Forward with 100 Percent Renewable Energy Target

Pioneering the next generation of energy, California already leads the nation in laws that combat climate change[1]. Last month, a bill mandating 100% solar and wind energy in California by 2045 received LA councilmen’s support[2].

“Scientists have made it clear: We must stop burning fossil fuels in order to spare our children and their children from the devastating effects of climate change,” said Councilman Paul Koretz. Introduced by Senate Leader Kevin de Leon D-Los Angeles, “SB 100 is a hugely important bill that will put the entire state on record as aiming for 100 percent renewable energy,” he added. Moving to 100 percent renewable energy will cut greenhouse gases and irritating smog in Southern California that causes asthma, lung disease and even premature death.

De Leon’s bill will increase the 50 percent target of renewables for 2030 to 60 percent, eventually moving the target to 100 percent renewable and zero-carbon sources of electricity in 28 years. Since California has been leading the world on climate action, it won’t be long before everyone else is taking aim for these goals worldwide,” Councilman David Ruy said.

For the past decades, California has grown into a champion of renewable energy. That is why there is no better time than now to go solar. Solar power not only pays for itself and helps improve the quality of the environment, it also increases the value of homes. At Solar Optimum we have seen average U.S. residences save significantly on their electric bills and lock in rates that are predictable, month after month. Suffice it to say, solar investments will become even more valuable as utility rates continue to rise.

According to Emmitt Summers, Solar Optimum’s VP of Residential Development, this promising development in the State’s Legislature ties right in with Solar Optimum’s mission. “Since 2008, we have been providing solar energy to all 10 counties in Southern California. As a firm believer in clean, affordable energy for all; our team of energy consultants, engineers and operations experts have top-notch experience in making green, renewable energy accessible to residential, business and commercial clients,” Summers says.

“Our strong commitment to providing clients with an energy peace of mind and making communities energy independent, is a key element in setting a new paradigm of excellence in the industry,” he adds. “For example, as a Tesla Energy Certified Installer, it is a rewarding feeling to offer our clients leading solar battery storage solutions that provide ideal solutions for their homes and satisfy their long-term energy needs, knowing that every installed solar panel also contributes to preserving our planet.”

Summers concludes, “It makes financial and environmental sense for homeowners, businesses and communities to be part of this statewide solar revolution – strongly backed by local city council - because climate change is not going anywhere. At the end of the day, all of California is going solar. It’s just a question of by when and at what cost. There’s no need to wait until 2045 when you can switch to solar now.”

At Solar Optimum we are proud to be part of the solar revolution, and invite you to explore our environmentally friendly, independent and affordable energy solutions. Feel free to contact us today at (800) 552-9970, and speak with one of our certified experts about how we can make your solar investment for your home easy and affordable.

By Misha Kouzeh, freelance writer for Solar Optimum



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