The solar industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. Today, solar-energy jobs are growing 12 times as fast as the US economy (1). Despite coal being a more important employer in some states, solar has more jobs across the country. With President Trump promising to revive the coal industry and double down on fossil fuels, ultimately creating more energy jobs, he has not focused on the increasingly important role of renewable power in America’s energy economy (2).

According to a U.S. Energy and Employment Report (3), the solar industry employed many more Americans than coal. Of the 1.9 million power creation jobs created in 2016, more than 373,000 Americans worked part or full time in solar energy compared to just over 160,000 workers in the coal industry. Approximately 260,000 employees in the solar industry, which equals to about 70 percent, spent a majority of their time on solar projects.

Among all states, California achieved the highest rate of solar power jobs per capita last year. Roughly 84 of every 10,000 workers in the state held part-time or full-time jobs in the solar industry. Nevada came in close second, followed by Hawaii, Vermont and Massachusetts. The report shows that most solar energy jobs were in installation, construction and manufacturing, as the relatively new industry continued to add capacity, which is a very promising development.

“At Solar Optimum, we are evolving our Residential Sales Model and optimizing the Customer Experience to set a new paradigm of excellence in the industry”, said Solar Optimum’s VP of Residential Development, Emmitt Summers. “Now more than ever, Homeowners have become more knowledgeable and demanding in their selection of a Solar Provider. We are proud to stand out in the solar market by employing ethical and experienced Energy Consultants, Coordinators and licensed installers who have local expertise and proven track records in the clean energy sector.”

Summers continued, “Before joining Solar Optimum, I helped build two of the largest and most successful solar companies in the U.S, and along the way, the most consistent element of success was hiring good people. If you take care of your employees, they take great care of your customers. My mission is to make our communities energy independent, one home and business at a time and I’m honored to be doing that with the Solar Optimum team.”

The team at Solar Optimum is made up of talented individuals who are among the foremost solar energy providers in the country. Solar Optimum is always seeking qualified Energy Consultants and Sales Coordinators to drive the mission of making solar power accessible and affordable for all. Are you excited about the job prospects in the growing solar market? Contact us at careers@solaroptimum today, along with your attached resume and cover letter, to find out how you can make a positive difference in your career, and our planet.


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By Misha Kouzeh, freelance writer for Solar Optimum

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