Homeowners with Swimming Pools Can Save Money by Going Solar!

Dipping in those beautiful backyard swimming pools has been part of California’s lifestyle for decades. According to Metrostudy, there are 1.18 million residential swimming pools in California.[1] Due to California’s warm climate, homeowners typically experience high electricity usage levels in the summer months. With the pool season approaching, homeowners might enjoy their occasional plunge, but may not realize how much their pool is actually costing them.

Although solar technology has been around for decades, many homeowners are still under pressure by skyrocketing utility costs. With pool pumps running up to 8 hours daily year-round, homeowners with swimming pools are, quite frankly, paying too much. Based on our experience, homeowners annually consume an average of 2,928 kWh of additional energy to keep their pool running. A simple calculation shows that additional utility costs of maintaining a swimming pool can go up to $54 per month, and between $12,000 and $13,000 over the next 20 years.[2]

Homeowners with swimming pools should definitely consider a solar system to help them save money on their electric bill. Using solar photovoltaic (PV) system paired with an existing pool pump and filter can save thousands of dollars in maintenance costs in the long run. So how does it work? After installation of the PV solar panels on the rooftop, electricity will be generated which not only powers up the pool pump, but generates energy for your entire home. The great news is that much like a standard monthly utility bill, with solar, you don’t have to make an upfront investment to install a solar system — which make solar panels the perfect way to reduce the costs of energy consumption for your pool and home; and what better source to use than the sun, the most abundant and fundamentally sound form of clean, natural energy.

“Today, homeowners are making their homes smarter than the utility company,” said Amir Salahi, Residential Sales Manager at Solar Optimum. “You definitely need to make your house more energy independent because right now you’re paying too much for electricity. It is not your fault, since ultimately we all have to pay for energy. The problem is that utility companies are charging historically high prices. Why not lock in the cost of your utilities, lower your electricity rate, and take control of your utility costs to come, for at least 3 decades?” he adds. 

This investment is a ‘win-win-win’ situation, as it serves the triple bottom line. Solar Optimum values the time and money you can spend on things that matter to your family and home, while achieving a bigger goal together; a cleaner planet for all. Solar experts can help you lock-in lower rates for the life of your new solar energy system, making your solar technology even more valuable as utility rates rise on an annual basis. This makes going solar, by far, the smartest investment for your home, family, and the environment.

Although savings vary from case to case, depending on the pool size, desired water temperature, amount of sunlight exposure, solar panel orientation and other specifications of your home and outdoor space, data shows that homeowners can be cost-effective and save money on their electric bill by going solar.

“Solar Optimum has been in business for nearly a decade,” adds Salahi. “And what does that mean for our customers and homeowners? It means that they can place their trust in Solar Optimum. Our staff has a tremendous amount of experience in design, engineering and construction. Every solar project for each home is custom designed to your exact needs and specifications. Unlike other solar providers, we do not take short cuts. We treat your home as if it were our very own.”

That said, the Solar Optimum team is uniquely equipped and experienced in helping homeowners go solar. We’ve helped thousands of households across Southern California save money every month on their rising electric bill by breaking free from the utility company. With the summer season around the corner, take advantage of the sun by having your home and pool operate with power from the sun. To learn more on how you can start reducing your electric bill today, don’t hesitate to call us and speak with the local experts at (818) 745-1487 or visit http://www.solaroptimum.com/.

By Misha Kouzeh, freelance writer for Solar Optimum

[1] http://www.npconline.org/?page=tech_CalPoly_evap_st

[2] Data estimates are provided by the Solar Optimum team and are derived from past electricity usage levels by residential homes

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