A Kilowatt Saved is a Rebate Earned!

Solar Optimum Customers Have the Best Battery Storage Options Available to them, When Qualifying for the upcoming Self Generation Incentive Program.

Solar Optimum and Tesla Powerwall

We’ve all heard the timeless expression “A penny saved is a penny earned,” coined by Benjamin Franklin — American founding father, statesman, and renaissance man.  The idiom is as valid and meaningful today as it was some 250 years ago.

Aside from being known for his many serviceable quotes and civic mindedness, Franklin was a prolific inventor and scientist.  His interest in harnessing electrical power is legendary, having done so with his invention of the lightning rod in 1752.

So, what has this all got to do with today’s advancements in solar energy?

Well, at Solar Optimum, we are uniquely poised to help our customers not only save a pretty penny on their energy needs with a solar battery system, but by also helping them earn quite a few pennies through the rebate reward offered by The California energy storage rebate program, also known as the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP).

The Self Generation Incentive Program is one of the most significant rebate incentive programs to come along in a great while. Through SGIP, rebates are awarded to utility customers who install clean and energy-efficient distributed generation and storage technologies that also reduce on-site electrical demand and greenhouse gas emissions.

Practicality of the matter is, the average residential customer with a solar panel system will enjoy the most short- and long-term savings and benefits when the SGIP rebate is applied toward an advanced energy storage system.  As one of the elite few solar providers approved by Tesla to provide Powerwall, their revolutionary battery storage innovation, Solar Optimum is experienced and well-equipped to install the groundbreaking product — as well as help the customer facilitate their SGIP rebate.

SGIP is scheduled to reopen to energy storage applicants sometime in mid-April 2017.  At that time, SGIP will reserve 75% of its incentives for energy storage projects. 15% of the reservation will be reserved for residential energy storage projects less than or equal to 10kW in size.  On the day the program reopens, the incentive level for residential energy storage systems 10kW or smaller will be set at 50 cent/watt-hour.  Because demand will most certainly exceed the amount of funding for incentives, it is expected that incentive levels will decrease shortly after SGIP reopens to 40 cents/watt-hour for residential energy storage systems 10kW or smaller. If the 40 cents/watt-hour incentive level also proves very popular and exceeds budgeted funding within 10 days, then the incentive level for residential energy storage systems 10kW or smaller will decrease to 30 cents/watt-hour.

“I can’t imagine a more ideal situation for our customers to be able to get in on energy storage.  The benefits are extraordinary — and the opportunity to earn a rebate back from SGIP, well, it’s the perfect storm of saving money and saving energy,” said Arno Aghamalian, Chief Executive Officer for Solar Optimum.  “We are immensely proud to offer a premier battery storage product like the Tesla Powerwall to our residential customers, but it is extremely gratifying to help them save a tremendous amount of money through such a rare, but generous rebate program like SGIP.”

The Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) is an opportunity that will come and go like a bolt of lightning.  So, it’s is imperative that interested solar energy customers contact us at Solar Optimum right away to ensure their best chance of getting in on this outstanding rebate.

As a clear-cut leader in solar installation for residential and commercial projects, Solar Optimum is poised handle residential, commercial, and industrial and projects.  To learn more about Solar Optimum and to learn more about going solar, battery storage, and the SGIP rebate, call 818-745-1480 or visit www.SolarOptimum.com.

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