Solar Optimum, California’s leader in residential and commercial solar installation and battery storage, today announced its signing of a gold sponsorship agreement with the Renewable Energy Association at the University of California Los Angeles through the 2018 season.

Solar Optimum’s sponsorship will kick off this month at UCLA’s Renewable Energy Association 9th Annual Southern California Jobs Fair. As a young Association established in 2013, UCLA’s REA is a student organization focused on spreading awareness about renewable energy and the environment through both education and the implementation of clean energy technologies. REA’s Career Fair on November 20, will be held from 5:30 to 8:00pm at the UCLA campus.

In addition to energy career fairs throughout the 2018 season, the gold sponsorship agreement also includes speaking engagements to the student body (current and alumni), staff and administration and families of UCLA, workshops and presentations for Smart Grids, Sustainable Buildings and Policies and ongoing interaction and involvement for solar installation projects across the UCLA campus and residential communities.

Thinking of jumpstarting a career in the solar energy market? “This is a perfect time to do so”, according to Rainier de Ocampo, VP of Marketing at Solar Optimum and UCLA Extension Business Instructor. “The solar-energy job market is growing at a rapid rate, especially in California. We are proud to lead by example and employ talented, experienced solar experts who want to make a positive difference in their career and the environment.”

“Additionally,” de Ocampo continued, “Our team believes in top-notch educational initiatives and supports the UCLA’s REA student organization in its goals to understand the importance of various forms of renewable energy and the effects of the environment, economy and society while encouraging the community’s clean energy development through technical projects, local initiatives and education.”

The executive team at Solar Optimum will offer their expertise to the students who want to learn how a successful solar company is managed. Rainier de Ocampo and John Trasher, Solar Optimum’s Chief Operating Officer, are both Solar Optimum executives and professors at UCLA’s Extension Business Program. Rainier de Ocampo points out, “We want to emphasize Solar Optimum’s success in the solar industry and share our knowledge and expertise with the next generation of future leaders in the renewable energy sector.” 

UCLA REA’s External Vice President Adarsh Balaji states: “After extensive research into solar companies, we felt that Solar Optimum would not only add great value to our Career Fair and Mission, but also support our Solar Team achieve greater impact on the LA residential area by working together on solar installations.” 

Balaji continues, “Solar Optimum’s mission statement resonates with us, as it shows the importance that Solar Optimum gives to renewable energy, and further reinforces ideas that REA serves to uphold as well - saving the planet.”

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Solar Optimum’s VP of Residential Development, Emmitt Summers and Rainier de Ocampo will both attend the Energy career fair on November 20th. Summers shares, “This job fair will be a great opportunity to meet bright students and professionals who can drive our mission of making solar power accessible and affordable for all by setting a new paradigm of excellence in the industry.”  

If you are interested in learning more about Solar Optimum’s educational partnerships and collaboration opportunities, contact Rainier de Ocampo, VP of Marketing at (818) 804-3122 or email

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