Arno Aghamalian named CEO of the Year in Renewable Energy by


Solar Optimum is pleased to announce that Arno Aghamalian, President and CEO of Solar Optimum, was recently named CEO of the Year by and AI Global Media. Because of the vital role that CEOs play, the 2017 Global CEO Excellence Awards was created to recognized the outstanding effort and hard work of key leaders around the world. In the category of Renewable Energy, Arno Aghamalian’s determination and excellence in leadership was recognized by his peers and the industry.

CEO Excellence Awards 2017.png

CEO-Monthly and AI Global Media began the process of conducting the research and investigations into all of the CEO nominations for the Global CEO Excellence Awards. They gathered information from various sources to create a case file along with votes and supporting documentation to determine the 2017 winners. According to’s website, a business is only as good as its leadership and though it takes many hands to make a company work, CEOs hold great responsibility and power in the organization.

Join us in congratulating Arno Aghamalian, CEO of Solar Optimum, for winning the 2017 CEO of the Year Award in Renewable Energy.

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