SOLAR OPTIMUM Comes to the Rescue With Solar Energy Solutions and HEROic Partnership!

There’s been a lot of optimistic talk going around regarding the HERO program in connection with homeowners making energy-efficient improvements and adding solar-energy systems to their homes.  Of course, with a program called HERO, chances are it’s a money-saving opportunity that’s worth everyone’s attention.

Originally made possible by “Property Assessed Clean Energy legislation,” HERO is specially designed to help make energy-efficient upgrades possible for qualifying homeowners.  HERO stands for “Home Energy Renovation Opportunity,” and it allows government and elite contractors, such as Solar Optimum, to combine forces to make those upgrades, particularly solar, financially possible.

How a homeowner finances their solar-energy system is crucial, affecting both the initial cost and any ongoing maintenance costs that can impact monthly and long-term savings.

And purchasing through the HERO Program offers unique financial advantages, including ownership without upfront investment, valuable consumer protections, and maximization of long-term savings and benefits.  Homeowners can take advantage of:

  • Low fixed rates on 100% of their solar project when HERO financed
  • Flexible repayment terms of 5 to 20 years
  • Opportunity to borrow up to 15% of a home's equity value
  • A HERO assessment on property that has no impact on personal credit score
  • No upfront investment, including fees and labor, when financing a solar system
  • Potential tax-deductible Interest on HERO payments
  • Option of making payments through property tax assessment bill
  • Transfer of remaining balance to the new owner if home is sold

Of course, partnership with the HERO program does comes with a price ¾ for the contractor.  Reputation is key!  Only the most highly regarded and approved clean-energy contractors ¾ such as Solar Optimum ¾ are entrusted to partner with HERO. 

As Southern California’s premier solar energy provider and solar-industry standout, Solar Optimum has earned its HERO certification, in part, through their acclaim for superb customer service from YELP, Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, the Daily News, and thousands of highly satisfied customers.

Why must Solar Optimum be licensed and verified in order to be a HERO-Registered Contractor?  It’s simple.  Only HERO Registered Contractors can install HERO eligible products.  HERO products are scrutinized for quality and efficiency in order to meet eligibility specifications; the HERO Contractor is responsible for meeting or exceeding applicable local, state, and/or federal permitting, codes and standards; and installation of products are required to be done in accordance with no less than the Solar-Industry’s best practices.

Discover how to take advantages of the latest breakthroughs in solar technology and learn how Solar Optimum is uniquely equipped and experienced to handle commercial or residential needs.  Give the Local Experts at Solar Optimum a call at (818) 745-1480.

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