It’s been said that a true craftsman is no better than the tools with which he or she works.  At Solar Optimum, nothing could be more true.  While our Local Experts are the very best in the business, we wouldn’t think of using anything less than products and equipment that we would be proud to place in our own homes.

“We believe that without the finest materials, equipment and technology, all the expertise in the world cannot complete a task worthy of our customers,” said Solar Optimum President and CEO, Arno Aghamalian.  “It’s no coincidence that we use only the highest quality equipment from the most highly regarded solar suppliers and manufacturers.”

Take our solar panel technology, for instance.  Among the solar panels used in Solar Optimum’s myriad installations is the superior “X-Series” from acclaimed solar-equipment manufacturer, SunPower.

Recently, the Richmond, California-based company announced that its groundbreaking X-Series solar panel features solar cells that can convert 25% of sunlight contact into electricity — an impressive statistic that has been validated by the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

In comparison, the lion’s share of panels from other solar-panel makers generally convert only 15 to 18% of sunlight into electricity.  This statistic makes the SunPower silicon panel the most efficient ever produced.

“With greater efficiency, we can fit more watts on the roof with the outstanding reliability of the SunPower X-Series solar panel,” said Peter Cousins, SunPower senior vice president, research, development and deployment.  “SunPower's world-record efficiency panels offer customers the best value for energy and superior aesthetics due to our unique architecture.”

“As Southern California’s leading solar energy provider, Solar Optimum is thrilled to have this technology in its repertoire,” declared Gene Okun, Commercial Sales Manager at Solar Optimum.   “Having an industry leading solar panel of this caliber gives us the latitude to provide solar customers with more options, like fewer panels to accomplish the same power goals!  That can translate into substantial cost savings, a reduction in necessary panel space, fewer inverters and, in general, an overall condensed solar footprint required on a rooftop or a particularly limited space.  The primary benefit is that SunPower modules and systems provide the highest Net Present Value or total amount of energy converted into money generated from the sun over a 20- to 30-year horizon.”

To learn how you can take advantages of the latest breakthroughs in solar technology and learn how Solar Optimum is uniquely equipped and experienced to handle your commercial or residential needs, give our Local Experts a call at 818-804-3122.

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