We Are Holding Your Solar Lottery Ticket!

If you’re planning to join the solar revolution in Burbank or Glendale — and have been hanging your hopes on winning a spot on one of those cities’ Rebate Programs, then you better have your fingers crossed.

Due to limited funding, both Glendale and Burbank have resorted to limiting the number of residential applicants that receive the rebate.  As a result, a lottery was introduced as a way to accommodate unprecedented and overwhelming demand.


For anyone who has ever deemed themselves unlucky when it comes to taking a gamble — like beating the odds of winning a lottery — Solar Optimum has a cost-saving, nerve-settling solution that ensures you’ll be a winner!


Burbank or Glendale residents who are planning to enter their respective cities’ lotto for the Support Rebate Program need to contact Solar Optimum immediately.

While Solar Optimum will assist with each cities’ requisite applications process in order to enter the lottery prior to its deadline, Solar Optimum will also guarantee, ensure, and pledge that you’ll receive the complete, applicable sum of the rebate’s value.  So this roll of the dice will make you a winner as long as you go with Solar Optimum.

“My team doesn’t take these sort of pledges lightly,” affirms Solar Optimum President and CEO, Arno Aghamalian, who continues to lead his team at the forefront of innovation and transformation.  “We are dedicated to the realization that solar energy isn’t a passing fad … it’s the future of powering homes and businesses.  If governmental ‘red tape’ in the form of a ‘lotto’ is what stands between a customer going solar or not going solar, then we need to cut through all that insanity to pave the way toward a greener, more cost-efficient tomorrow.”


Next time someone says that there’s no such thing as a “sure thing,” keep this offer from Solar Optimum in mind.  Here are a few qualifying details and deadlines to remember:

  • Solar Optimum guarantees that qualifying customers will receive the value of the cash rebate, ensuring up to a 38-percent savings on the non-rebate price:
    • In Glendale: approximately $7,000 (on 5kW solar system)
    • In Burbank: approximately $1,700 (on 5kW solar system)
  • Burbank’s City Council approved opening BWP’s Solar Support Rebate Program to new applications for solar systems under 30 kilowatts.  Due to limited funding, applications are being accepted through July for a lottery drawing to be held on Monday, August 12.  Applications must be postmarked or delivered to BWP’s Conservation desk before 5 P.M. on July 31.  However, in order to ensure receiving rebate value, consumers are encouraged to contact Solar Optimum by June 30, 2016.
  • 2016 is foreseen as the final year of Glendale’s solar Solar Support Rebate Program to provide additional rebate funding.  Funding will be available in July 2016 at the earliest.  Only a limited number of lottery winners will be selected to receive funds for installing a solar energy system.  Glendale’s Solar Solutions Incentive Program is currently closed and will re-open on July 1, 2016; however, in order to ensure receiving rebate value, consumers are encouraged to contact Solar Optimum by June 30, 2016.
  • Solar Optimum is appealing to Glendale and Burbank residents to contact them NOW in order to secure guaranteed value equal to the funding offered by those cities’ Solar Support Rebate Programs.  Here are a few key points of the offer:
    • Must be a homeowner
    • No credit required
    • $0 cash down
    • 30% federal tax credit is yours (post rebate)
    • 100% guaranteed to receive cash rebate
    • Up to 38% savings for a limited time only off regular non-rebate price
    • Increase your home’s property value instantly

No other solar company can match this offer. If you sign with Solar Optimum, you’ll automatically get the solar rebate. Begin the application process now.

Contact Solar Optimum’s today to get more details regarding the Burbank and Glendale Support Rebate Programs.  Our local experts will be happy to answer any questions and start the process rolling on your rebate and home solar energy system.  Just give us a call at (818) 745-1487.

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