Think You’re Spending Too Much On Utilities?

Think You’re Spending Too Much On Utilities?


According to a recent investigative report in Rolling Stone magazine, “solar power in America is finally poised for its breakthrough moment.  The price of solar panels has dropped by more than 80 percent since President Obama took office… and the industry is beginning to compete with coal and natural gas on economics alone.”  What’s more, Greentech Media notes a significant 15-percent price drop in the last year alone!

Without a doubt, making the switch to solar energy is the most money-saving and environmentally friendly way to rid yourself of excessively high utility bills.  Currently, rooftop solar accounts for approximately five percent of California's power, demonstrating its clear value in a world where responsible, prudent citizens are seeking responsible ways to reduce their monthly energy expenses and help the environment.

Unfortunately, while many Californians know that they’re paying a virtual kings ransom in utility bills, they need to see the saving for themselves before they embrace solar energy.  After all, taking the leap from knowing you’re being overcharged — to installing a Photovoltaics system of solar panels on your rooftop — can be a daunting one.

That’s where Solar Optimum’s new “Savings Slider” comes in.  By adjusting the slide tool from left to right, you simply indicate your actual current monthly and annual residential utility bills.  Based on those costs, the slider will state whether or not you should contact Solar Optimum to assist with your energy needs.

Of course, everyone’s situation is uniquely different.  The very best way to determine exactly how much you can save, and how much it's going to cost you, is to get a quote from our energy consultants at Solar Optimum.

Once you’ve given the “Slider” a try, then contact us at Solar Optimum to get more details on how you can be greener and more energy independent.  Give us a call at (800) 552-9970; we’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide you with a free quote.

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