Solar Optimum is now a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Solar Optimum has been certified to carry and install Tesla's Powerwall battery product for residential and commercial businesses.

Solar Optimum is now a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, which means we can offer and install Powerwall, a revolutionary battery storage innovation.  Powerwall is the ideal pairing for a solar-panel system, particularly when homeowners seek the option for independence from the utility companies.  When solar panels generate more electricity than necessary, the excess is stored away into Powerwall rather than back into the utility grid.  Whenever the panels aren’t producing electricity, stored electricity can be utilized rather than purchased from the grid.

Powerwall is part of Solar Optimum’s cache of outstanding solar battery options.  Tesla Powerwall 1.0 is available for installation now. Available in Q1-2017, Powerwall 2.0 will also be among Solar Optimum’s battery-storage offerings and include many of the features that make its predecessor, the original Powerwall 1.0, tremendously popular and reliable.  Powerwall 1.0 remains an immensely popular and formative product for solar adopters who wish to integrate the Powerwall product into their systems right away.

 “We strive to procure the very best products and the latest technology” admits Arno Aghamalian, Chief Executive Officer for Solar Optimum. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the remarkable advancement in solar components that Tesla brings to the table.  Homeowners who already have solar systems — or are thinking about installing solar — should talk with one of our Local Experts to learn about how Powerwall can increase the benefits of solar panels.”

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