Which Solar Mounting Style is Best?

Is your roof not solar-friendly? The good news is that not having a solar-friendly roof does not mean you can’t go solar. While rooftop solar tends to be the most common form of solar installation, it is not the only one. Where one mounting style won’t work, another might!

Good Ol’ Roof Mounting

Roof solar installations are affordable and easy when your roof is facing south and there aren’t any obstructions blocking the sun, such as a neighbor’s home or large trees. Solar panels may be installed on either traditional angled roofs or flat roofs. Since solar systems have a relatively light weight, the panels would not add much to the roof load.

In most rooftop installations, solar panels are attached directly onto the building structure to ensure strength and stability in the event of extreme weather. We don’t get much of that in Southern California, but an El Niño year could bring some heavy rainstorms.

Ground Mounting

Now, let’s just say that roof mounting isn’t in the cards. Your roof may not be facing the right way, your roof is too small, or there may be a bunch of trees casting shadows on the roof, but not to worry! If a rooftop installation isn’t possible, ground mounting could be.

Ground mounts are often used on properties with limited roof space (or in addition to a rooftop installation if you need additional production). Solar panels are installed atop steel structures that are anchored to the ground with concrete footings.

Finally, Pole Mounting

When you need a more customized solar installation, pole mounting can do the trick. As the name suggests, pole mounts are installed on a steel pole. An added bonus with pole mounts is that they are manually adjustable, so if the best sun isn’t on the roof or on the ground, you can still get your solar panels exactly where they need to be!

Commit to Live Greener in 2016

The new year is fast approaching. If you put off going solar this year, make 2016 your year! With the uncertainty surrounding tax incentives, it’s the perfect time to jump right in. Need more information first? Feel free to contact us at http://solaroptimum.com/contact.php.