How to Green Your Super Bowl Party

The time has come (or at least it will on Sunday), for all your friends to come over and cheer for the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX! There are several steps to take to make sure that you host a Super Bowl party to remember, like having plenty of food & drinks, but did you know that there are also steps that can help you have a green Super Bowl party? Who says you can’t have fun and help the environment at the same time? Here are our go-to tips for having a green Super Bowl party!


Urge your guests to carpool! The fewer cars on the road, the better for the environment.

Stay Away from Take-Out

Making your own food and snacks is one of the best ways to be green on Super Bowl Sunday. When you order take-out, the food is placed in take-out containers, which uses natural resources. Even if the containers are recyclable, NOT using them at all is still better. Aside from the containers, take-out adds more pollution in the air thanks to the need for delivery or pick-up (unless you have a fully electric vehicle). Making your own food saves resources and reduces pollution.

Be Real.

When it comes to plates and cups, go for the real thing so you don’t waste all the paper plates and plastic cups. When you have disposable paper plates, guests tend to use more than one. If you don’t have enough plates or cups for all of your guests, opt for plates and cups used from recycled materials. Check out Eco Products for a good selection:

Buy Local Brew

Do you have a local brewery? Local products have a much smaller carbon footprint than products that have to be imported from other states or countries. Buy local beer, keep your party’s carbon footprint low!

Skip the Décor or Make it Yourself

Decorations can make any event festive, but no one says you have to go buy a bunch of new stuff. Have your guests bring over what they have or make your own to save materials, avoid another drive AND save money.

Designate a Recycling Bin

Make it very obvious that you expect your guests to recycle. If you already have a recycling bin, make sure everyone knows where it is and what it is. A big sign helps!

From all of us at Solar Optimum, have fun!