Solar Panels during the Winter Months

Most people wonder if solar panels are just as effective in the winter months as they are in the summer ones. It’s good that people think about this because it means they have a basic understanding of how they work. They don’t’ have to worry, though, because solar panels are highly sophisticated and can work just as well during the winter months as the summer ones.

How It Works

During the spring, summer and fall, solar panels are taking the sun’s rays and converting it to energy. Since most people cannot spend all of the energy that is being converted during those months, the extra energy goes into a storage battery device. This means that when there’s a lack of energy being generated due to cloudy days or snow covering the solar panels, the backed up energy can be used.

This doesn’t mean that the winter months don’t provide solar panels with sunlight for energy conversion. There’s still plenty of sunlight to power solar panels, even if you don’t realize it because it’s so cold. Just think of those beautiful days where the snow is on the ground and the sun is making it glisten. While you’re looking at that beauty, the solar panels are soaking it up for energy. What’s even better is that snow reflects the sun, which sends more of that rays to solar panels.

What if snow covers solar panels?

That’s no problem at all. Solar panels are sloped just for that reason. Snow usually slides right off, if it doesn’t melt first. You can also easily sweep the snow off the panels, as long as you’re brave enough to get on the roof. We don’t recommend it though, especially if it has snowed. It’s best to just wait for nature to do her thing.

No Time to Waste!

Now that you can know how well solar panels work in the winter, why not consider getting them installed at your home or office? We’re available right now to give you an estimate or more information about how solar energy can help you. Get a free quote today!